Life Talks©

Life Talks©  A Collection of True Stories Told on The Zoh Show (A Live Radio Talk Show)

1992 – 2001 Hosted by Zoh M. Hieronimus

For one year on my radio program, The Zoh Show, I featured a Friday segment when I invited people to call in, to share their personal encounters with the paranormal. I personally transcribed each of these stories from the tapes of the programs and can promise you that nothing has been added or subtracted to anyoneís personal telling of these private encounters and experiences. I thank everyone who took part and whose stories offer others insight and confirmation, that their own experiences are not uncommon, though they may be unusual.

My only regret is that I did not have more time to collect more of the community’s stories. If you have one though, that you would like to share, write it up, send it to me and we’ll add it to our True Stories section of the website. Send your entry to for addition to Life Talks©.