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Zohara Hieronimus D.H.L.J. Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus is an award winning radio broadcaster, a social justice and environmental activist, author, and pioneer in Holistic Health Care.

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Her books reveal information from ancient texts, scientists and researchers, and spiritual pioneers that can help us be a more fully realized people at peace with our planet.

White Spirit Animals, Prophets of Change explains how to use shamanic dreaming and trans-species telepathy to communicate with these great spiritual teachers while revealing how White Spirit Animals are calling humanity to restore balance, respect, reverence, and honor to protect our animal kin, ourselves, and the earth.

Future Talk examines not just what futurists envision for humanity based on current trends in medicine, science, earth history, robotics and other areas of life, but what kinds of wild cards or unknown events could dramatically alter humankind’s course on Earth. Available online.

Kabbalistic Teachings of the Female Prophets
The Seven Holy Women of Ancient Israel

The seven prophetesses of Israel–Sarah, Miriam, Devorah, Chanah, Avigail, Chuldah, and Esther–lived between 1800 and 350 BCE. Their combined lives reflect a kabbalistic path of spiritual evolution that is as pertinent to our lives today as it was for the biblical communities in which they lived.

This book presents the kabbalistic teachings of these holy women and what they reveal about the initiatory path of individual development and redemption. The seven prophetesses show that every person has a part to play in the repair of the world, and Hieronimus gives a practical set of maps and spiritual guidelines for that journey.

Sanctuary of the Divine Presence
Hebraic Teachings on Initiation and Illumination

Exploring the kabbalistic initiatory teachings within the Chassidic tradition of Judaism and the lives and writings of the Hebrew prophets, she reveals how our physical and spiritual worlds are not separate but interdependent, one affecting the other, often in unexpected and sometimes miraculous ways. Examining the ten-part system of Kabbalah’s Tree of Life as reflected in the holy design of the Hebrews’ first Sanctuary, Hieronimus shows how the Tree of Life’s ten sefirot correspond to the Torah’s prophetic Ten Songs of Creation; to alchemical ritual practices of fire, water, air, and earth; and to specific parts of the body, emotions, and aspects of the soul. Starting from Malchut (Kingdom) at the bottom of the Tree of Life and ascending to Keter (Crown) at the top, the author discusses related biblical and scholarly texts and traditional Hebrew practices and teachings that can lead to spiritual enlightenment, illumination, and peace, allowing each of us to become a sanctuary for God’s presence through self-refinement, ritual devotion, and prayer, as practiced since biblical times.

The Future of Human Experience
Visionary Thinkers on the Science of Consciousness

Sharing insights from her discussions with Dr. Mehmet Oz, Raymond Moody, Larry Dossey, John Perkins, Michael Cremo, Gay Bradshaw, Ray Kurzweil, and many others, Hieronimus explores what these visionary thinkers foresee for humanity based on current trends in medicine, science, agriculture, Earth history, robotics, and spirituality. She examines natural, extraterrestrial, and man-made events that dramatically altered humanity’s course in the past or might in the future, revealing a recurring cycle of catastrophic Earth changes and rebirths of civilization over billions of years. The author explains that, as part of the energetic expression of Divinity, we can influence the impact of Earth changes through our actions and intentions. She shows that the consciousness of humanity has the power to affect evolution, enact healing on personal and global levels, and alter even natural systems such as the weather.

By studying predictions across a broad range of disciplines–from nano-technology to plant intelligence–from today’s great minds and from ancient spiritual traditions, Hieronimus shows that we can significantly improve the long-term welfare of the Earth by unfolding our nonlocal consciousness, adopting a reverent attitude toward all life, and realizing how we do things is as vital as what we do.


Media Inquiries through Inner Traditions Intl.:
Inner Traditions Intl.
Cynthia Fowles, Publicist
802.767.3174 x 115

Host of Talk Radio Programs, 1992-present

The Zoh Show (1992-2001) was a daily call-in and interview program with a focus on current events, foreign affairs and whistle blowing on corruptionairing on WCBM Radio, WOLB Radio, and The Liberty Works Radio Network.

Future Talk (2001-08) was in interview program featuring leaders and mavericks in all academic disciplines focusing on the new paradigm sciences, spiritual exploration and consciousness. Aired nationwide on the Business Talk Radio Network and on WVIE Radio in Baltimore.

Clear View (2006-08), a weekly interview program focused on organizationsand individuals in Maryland working in culture, the arts, education, recreation, community service, history and places to visit, and aired on WCBM and WVIE in Baltimore.

Zohara currently co-hosts 21st Century Radio ( with her husband Dr. Bob Hieronimus, who launched the show in 1988, first on WFBR in Baltimore, then on over 100 stations nationwide on the American Radio Network and currently on WCBM 680 in Baltimore Sunday nights 8-10 PM Eastern. Zoh and Bob seek out the leading scholars in the alternatives of scientific, social, environmental, and mystical explorations, and other subjects that contribute to peaceful planetary development.

The Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center

In 1984 Zoh founded the Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center in Baltimore, Maryland, where she serves as Executive Director. It is one of the oldest outpatient integrative and holistic health care facilities of its kind in America, offering acupuncture, homeopathy, massage, herbal treatments and more to the region.


A student of Chassidut and Kabbalah, Zohara is a women’s instructor on the inner teachings of the Alef- Beit, (the Hebrew alphabet), and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life as seen through the lives of the seven prophetesses of Israel. Since 1977, Zoh has partnered with her husband in numerous projects in Egypt, Israel, Great Britain, and the United States.

In 1990 Dr. Bob and Zoh incorporated Hieronimus & Co., Inc. to serve as a media research service, providing story and guest ideas and materials to television, newspapers and radio worldwide. Their work has been featured on ABC World News Tonight, CNN, C-SPAN, PBS, The Larry King Show, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post.