Stacy, a stay at home Mother called to tell her out of body experience after the birth of her daughter.

I think I had an out of body experience after the birth of my daughter. She was born in the morning and that evening I was laying in the hospital bed and I had her on my lap and I  was sort of dozing on and off.  I remember just a bright light, I dont know what it was, but someone begins talking to me about my daughter  and that she was very special person and  my job was to guide her and to sort of support her through her life, because she would do great things.  I can remember looking and screaming, Well who is she, who is she? At that moment my daughter jumped and woke me up and I looked down at her and she just stared at me and sort of smiled. Ever since then, I have had this feeling that shes just such a wonderful human being thats it my job to guide her through life and thats my vision for the future, that all parents have this job.