Mike  shared  a bizarre encounter with an object that chased his car  in April of 1965 on an  interstate outside of New York.

This is probably a one of a kind story. It was in 1965, My girlfriend and I went to New York for the day and being a special occasion I borrowed my Uncles Cadillac. He had a fairly new Cadillac. Well, we did New York City all day and went to a show ate dinner and were coming south on 95 and  I was in Maryland going about 80, 85 miles an  hour in this Cadillac, four o’clock in the morning just flying down the road. And to my left in the median strip I noticed something watching me, you know, like I had a feeling of the presence of eyes on my person. I didnt think nothing of it, whos going to catch me in this Cadillac? And I looked to my left and all the sudden I seen this something floating, it looked like a blanket and I thought maybe the car is sucking this piece of paper or something. Well this thing followed me for a while. It didn’t  have an up and down presence, it was like a blanket. I d say it was six inches thick…so anyway this thing got close and then it like went up on the roof. Now I wasnt going to get out of that car. So by the time I got home it was daylight and  I looked towards the roof and it wasnt there. I just wondered if anyone else had this experience… It was gray. I had this sense of this thing staring at me, looking at me.