Jezzy called to share an amazing story of  an unusual friendship made on the Zoh Show

I met someone in a fast food restaurant.  I stopped in for coffee and we were discussing some of the events that had been on your show (referring to the Zoh Show ) and for a year we talked about everything and anything under the sun . And we were on the same wave length all the way through, we could almost tell each other what was coming out of the other persons mouth. He passed away the eighth of this month and his one desire was that he would be buried at sea. And no one knew this. He had mentioned it to me. He was renting a home with two fellas and his son, after they located him said, I don’t know any of his burial plans. So one boy said his one desire was to be buried at sea. That’s  what the plans were to do. And that evening I was in bed and I was grieving very much and at 3:17am I heard this air plane buzz across my house. Well I jumped out of bed and went to the back deck and looked out and there wasnt anything that would show an airplane being there, no light or anything. So I came back into the house. And it dawned on me that his birthday was 3.17 and it was almost like a final good bye, to let me know he was happy now, he had got his wish and that everything revolved around that. It was kind of like, a final good bye.