Broadcast History

Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus has been involved in radio since her first guest appearance in 1975. Since then, she has been a guest on hundreds of radio and TV shows and panels and co-hosted several TV/Cable programs (21st Century News, Top of the Morning, The Children’s Corner) and radio programs, solo hosting the following radio broadcasts:

21st Century Radio  1986 – Current
Zoh is currently Guest Hosting every other week, alternating with her husband, Dr. Bob Hieronimus, Ph.D.  It is an integration of all of the esoteric and exoteric subjects that contribute to peaceful planetary development and individual  growth through learning. Tune in Sundays 8-10pm, WCBM 680 AM, Maryland.

Future Talk 2001- 2008
Future Talk featured people in all academic disciplines whom are considered both leaders and often mavericks in their fields. The programs’ focus is the new paradigm sciences, spiritual exploration and consciousness.  Future Talk features “Radio conversations for improving life on earth.”
It also aired nationwide on the Business Talk Radio Network ( on weekends,  Saturdays 11-Mid EST & Sundays Mid-1 am EST, and on WVIE Radio in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Clear View 2006 – 2008
The weekly Clear View program featured organizations, institutions and individuals in Maryland with a focus on culture, the arts, education, recreation, community service and unusual Maryland activities, history and places to visit. It is designed for entertaining and informative family listening, “Where the local and the global come into focus”

The Zoh Show  1992-2001
This program was a daily weekday program airing regionally and nationally with a focus on current events, foreign affairs and whistle blowing on corruption at the local, national and global levels. As well, it showcased the arts, paranormal phenomena, space exploration and human interest stories. It aired with WCBM Radio, WOLB Radio, and The Liberty Works Radio Network. The program earned awards and media attention, “Getting next years news, today!”