About Zoh’s Photography

The Photographic Artworks of J. Zohara M. Hieronimus

History of My Photography Experience

I have been taking pictures since I was ten years old (1964). In the year 2001, I bought a digital camera that has allowed me to develop several ‘dark room-less’ techniques for developing the work that I shoot.
I call these techniques Classical,  Photographic Impressions and Digi-Color Painting. My objective has been to capture the light that makes form, rather than a focus on the form itself. As a painter and sculptor, I look for the overall patterns and colors expressed inside any given frame with less focus on documenting the subject itself.

After experimenting for three years to find methods for using the light inherent in images, I have developed several different hand manipulated printing and shooting processes, making each photograph potentially a work of art that can also become something more than a photo image.

I have experimented with numerous methods of using printed digital images including baking my works, using fixatives, sun drying them and the use of forced hot air blowers. While I do not use any of these techniques currently, it made for an interesting kitchen laboratory.

Images are scanned originals. None of the images presented have been computer manipulated with programs of any kind. As well, I do not crop or alter technologically any image that I have taken before printing it. I seldom use any light but the light present, day or night. I like the simplicity of simply being present to a moment and capturing it as it is, or better stated, “as I see it.”

Each effect is the result of the photograph’s content and sometimes the special treatment and materials I use when making my digital print images. The final products are each done by hand with the aid of the computer for archiving the original photographs connected to a simple digital printer. No image can be repeated more than once, unless it is scanned and reproduced as a copy of the original. The images archived here are all scanned originals.

Thank you for looking at these photographs and photography derived works. For me, photography is a joyful action whose power to reveal what is hidden is humbling. If one could say that images feed the soul, I would add that photography is a royal banquet!