Frank called in to share an amazing story that proves love never dies

When I was a little boy I was awakened one night. I was about two or three years old. I can still remember this like it was yesterday and Im fifty-eight now. I was awakened at night and there was a man standing next to me and he was dressed in green. And he said to me, Be a good boy. And I can still remember him saying that. And I was afraid and I layed back down again, and I opened my eyes again and the man was standing in the closet. So I was scared, so I rolled over onto the side of the bed and looked underneath the bed and into the closet and  I could see shiny boots. So, I was so scared I ran in to get my mother, into my parents room. They came back and of course nobody was there. When I was seventeen years old and being a smart aleck, I was having some problems with my dad. And I was talking with my mother about it one day and she said, That man is not your real father. I said  Well who is? And she said your real father was killed during the Second world war. And consequently I remembered what had happened when I was a little boy and apparently that was my dad, the man in green in my closet.