George called from a pay phone to talk about his dogs appearing in a vision

I had two dogs. Their names were Lovey and Cuddles.  And you never seen these two dogs apart. Whenever I had photographs, they were always together. They almost looked like a mirror image. They were the white Eskimo Spitz. These two dogs were found with another dog in the wild. Someone had killed their mother. We come upon them when they were trying to nurse from the mother but she was already dead.  So we got them. They were like six weeks old, We took them home. I   lived on a farm and after I guess it was about seven years and I had to relocate in Baltimore and I couldnt find anyone to take the dogs. And they were farm dogs. They couldnt be in the house. Well, it broke me up because I could not take them with me. I had to get rid of them. No one would take them. It got to the point I had to take them to the SPCA and it came to the point where they were going to have to be put to sleep. This is like twelve, thirteen years ago and talking about it still really effects me.

But the real miracle in all this is that I know God had seen my pain and I was wondering, where are my dogs going to go, whats going to happen to my dogs? I was working in a steel mill at that time down in Baltimore.   I was walking across the walkway to my job when all of a sudden I was caught up in a vision, and what I seen was my two dogs running through a beautiful field. They were just enjoying themselves and having a wonderful time and right at that moment I looked at my watch. I got back to the SPCA and that was the exact time they were put to sleep. So I know that animals do go to heaven, that God takes care of the animals.