Donna called to share her dreams which were experienced by her Grandmother as well.

My Grandmother was suffering from Cancer and was dying. I visited her quite  often at the nursing home  I would see her everyday. We had an inseparable type of relationship. So when she was dying I was very touched. But what happened was that my Grandmother came and visited me one night at 4:15 am and I thought it was like a dream. And we were talking about her whole life, and the people who had died. I remember a battle, a big battle over something. I couldnt get these bombs out of my head. So I woke up and wrote all this down. And it is 4:15. I called my Mother. I said,  God Mom, I had this dream about Grandma and we were on this— there was a war and she was talking about all the people who had died. So my Mother went to the nursing home and said, Hey Mom, were you thinking about Donna last night? And my Grandmother said, No, we went to the battlefield, Gettysburg, and we were sitting on the cannons, talking. And I can remember from my dream saying, Mom, Grandma had this really weird dress. It had these big pockets and great big buttons. And I said,  It was tan. And so my Mom said, Mom, what were you wearing? My Grandmother said, I was wearing my Khaki coat … and drew the shape of the pockets on the bed. A couple of days went by and my Grandmother was getting worse. I called my Mother and I said, Mom, Grand Mom came to see me last night. She is so scared all the dogs are going to get her.

So my Mom went to the nursing home and she said, Mom, did you see Donna? and my grandmother said, Yes, she just left here. She helped me fight off the dogs in my room, they were attacking me. So my Mother told me this and I was just so totally, totally scared… A couple days after she died, she came to my bedroom and there was this light all around, and she touched my head…it was her way of telling me she was o.k.