Lena called to share her premonitory dream that she only recalled after the fact

I just wanted to share with you a most recent experience I had. It involved a very close girlfriend of mine. She was involved in a very serious car accident and she passed away August Thirtieth , as a matter of fact the  same night that Princess Di passed.  The day that I found she had had her accident, I flew to Connecticut to stand by her side and even though she was in a coma she was very aware that I was there…Her pulse had risen and while I was speaking to her I could tell — her bottom jaw started moving. I flew back home the next day to Maryland and on the way home from the airport as I was driving, I was praying for her. And right what came into my mind was a dream I had had two weeks prior to this, which I think was a premonition. And normally when I have dreams where Im in a situation where I feel like Im going to die, where something is happening, Ill get out of it or Ill wake up. Well this particular dream I looked up. I was in the middle of the road and this huge steamroller was coming at me. As I looked to my right to move out of its way it just totally crushed me.

When I woke up in the morning I was devastated  because I couldn’t understand what this meant. All day long I tried to analyze it and figure it out. Well, when I was driving home, that dream came right to my mind and I realized at that moment that it was a premonition of my girlfriend. We were very very close. And her accident happened where a woman fell asleep at the wheel and hit her, head on, and completely crushed her. My fiances daughter had that day   said, Ms. Lena has a broken heart and he said, Why do you say that Pamie? Oh, I know her heart is very broken. And indeed it was. Then the day before she died I was doing my domestics at home and it was like she came right to me. I started talking to her. You know Fran its ok if you want to pass on. Your Mom and Dad are there to help you over. Dont feel guilty about going on. She passed away the next day.