Pat shared how many times he and his wife’s lives crossed but they didnt meet until just the right day

I wanted to tell you how I met my wife. I think its unique. I grew up in St.Helena, she grew up in old Dundalk. Half a mile away we lived from each other. I walked her street to and from school for eight years. Never met her. We know a lot of the same people. Mutual friends. Never met her. Went to the Strand Theater, Reads in Dundalk and just never crossed paths. In February of 1974 I started working in a nursing home. I was sixteen. I worked on the second floor. She started working there in 1975. She worked on the first floor. I stayed there from 74 to 77 and then I went into the army. We never met. We were in the same building and never even met. In 1980 I got out of the army and I went back there to work. I couldn’t find a job and the employer has to keep the job for you.  In 1981 they transferred me from the second floor to the first, floor. I was the janitor, I was mopping the floor, and there was an exit door and I couldn’t see the woman all I could see was the silhouette and I just saw the silhouette and I said  I’m goin’ to marry her. And for six months all we did was talk on the phone , go out and thats how we found out we grew up less than half a mile from each other and Ive been with her ever since.