Dennis, a salesman called from a seven eleven to share this story

A long time ago, 1985 or so, my wife at that time took me to a healing service at a church. I did not want to go. In fact I was attempting to walk out of the church. They have a Priest, and they like pray over you. But I did leave my body. I went through this dark tunnel, extremely vast. It reminded me of like Ocean City when you get caught in wave you tumble and somersault, going through it like that unbelievably fast.. In fact, I didn’t like the fact that I didn’t have control  of this trip…It was so peaceful. I remember colors were most exciting. They actually had a warmth to them, a texture to them…It was alive. I do remember I went to a meeting. Coming back into my body was kind of neat. In fact Im sitting here with a cigarette…I was smoking then and I remember coming back in. It’s strange but its absolutely clear. I came into my left lung. It was light brown, I wonder what it is like today. I remember seeing air fill my left lung and then my right lung, then I remember becoming conscious again. I really clearly remember coming back into my body and seeing myself  breathe. You know it makes me so relaxed now because now I know there is a life beyond this life.