John called in to describe a story he had never shared publicly about something he had seen while hunting 29 years earlier.

It happened back in 1968. I was nineteen years old we were up in Harford County on a friends farm, and were up there hunting during the day and in the evening we decided wed just take a hike down through the woods…and the gentleman who owned the farm said he’d been seeing some strange lights  in the field adjacent to his farm. He was always playing jokes on us so we never paid him much mind. Well that night, it was about 11:30 in the evening, real hot, real nasty August evening.

Were walking down through a row of pine trees and we see what looks like two red eyes on a pond bank, so we didn’t pay much attention to it. Then we noticed there was no birds, no noise and it was real quiet, like real calm and then these two eyes started to raise up and come towards us and then we seen a silhouette of a body. Well at that point in time I was carryin a .357 magnum, I yelled, thinking it was a human being, telling them to stop, they did not stop, it approached even faster. It looked like it was floating on air. I fired six rounds into it. Tom at that point threw the flashlight about thirty feet in the air and ran for the house and got a rifle and just as he was ready to fire it disappeared. Ive never told anybody about it because I feel stupid…When  I first seen it, when we saw the silhouette of it, it looked humanoid but as it got closer it looked more, almost like reptilian… My sons and I were talking about it, they’re the only people I ever told about it and my son subscribes to UFO Magazine and we were reading about the Chupacabras, and I’ll tell you what man, he just about fits the description…It takes quite a bit to scare me and that night I was scared. I’ve never seen anything like it.