6:40 – 7:15am 1/22/02


Wonder is an attribute of the soul. It leads to finding truth. It is a conditioning for reception. It is a leavening of the mind. Without it, one’s receptivity is at a lower threshold. It is the state of wonder that makes perception possible at the level of source. Wonder is beauty reflecting back at itself. It is the reflection of essence. It is the design of perfection itself that is seen but not the thing per se. To see the design of something is to know it. Its pattern reveals its purpose.

One makes a lot of noise on earth about appearance, but not the appearance that is important. What is of concern to us, is mistaking the outer form for the inner purpose. Often they are not congruent. Measuring analytically the form and function of material things, doesn’t lead to necessarily well designed objects or ideas. For often, the anlaytic mind will infer what is not apparent. What we mean, is that the mind will presume to hold something of a character, about that which it examines when in fact, it is not present except in the mind of the perceiving. This is of course, why two people cannot see the same thing even though their eyes are fixed on the same object. Few see what is apparent and instead see what is inferred.

You ask about the holographic universe. This is a fancy term to describe the natural state of light. it reflects everything that is in it. Everything that exists is in the light. From any piece of the light, the whole is known. This technology, that enables putting a three dimensional image into a flatter 3 dimensional surface, expresses the way the eye uses light to see shape.It is the eye of the person, like the eye of the camera, that preceives instantaneously, the various layers of that which is seen. The hologram is a physical expression of spiritual seeing. It is a key, as an example, of how technology can teach humans how to better use the natural faculties they have. It is instructive. There is a tendency to mimic finer natural aptitudes with cruder physical machines. The entire civilzation in fact, is moving towards manifesting subtle region aptitudes, into physcialized machinery. While this can be a positive development if used for learning, it can become a terrible burden, imposing over society, a mechanization of spiritual aptitudes. This could as discussed prior, lead to an atrophy of the civilization’s spiritual faculties. The reliance on machinery to do what is spiritually possible, to see from space for example, to heal with sound, to know the thoughts of others, is another way humanity challenges itself to to grow. Will it worship in the sense of showing reverence, for the machine, or the spirit that invigorates the mind that create the machine? It is not a new question for humanity, but it isbeing asked .


Beauty is a gift. To perceive beauty is a state of elevation. It elevates the viewer to the state of union with what is seen, what is touched, what is heard.It unites the soul of the viewer and the soul of that which is being appreicated. It is the way harmony is restored and amplified. Beauty amplifies congruency. It restores unity both within and without.

It is why making ones home beautiful, no matter how small or humble, is important. It offers the soul a place at any moment to rest in patterns that unfold wholeness.Beauty is undervalued in your world. It has beomce a utility of the economy. Assuch, it is loosing its station in the conscious heart of humanity. The intention of the creator, both human and omnipresent, when making something beautiful, is expressed in its limbs. Meaning, what is done with that creation, is seen in the environment in which it has presence. It should be the goal of every artist, to inspire wonder. It is less to resolve a viewer’s questing of order internally, than it is to assist in the viewer’s ability to see order in something present. By so doing, it inspires an orderliness internally. It reflects the reality of order between parts. As such it inspires and instructs at the cellular level in the viewer. It is why art is healing when a culture permits its right station.


Order is not an invention. It is inherent. The great artist discovers this order. Others are simply creating their own inner turmoil. Not only is this not art, but it is possible to impact others in destructive ways. As, the final form of an inner state, acts on the world. This is why paying more attention to the buildings of society so important. This is what the Greek, the Egyptians and Hindus, the Buddhists all understood. Buildings are not merely places where humans do things in, buildings are shaping the humans that are doing things in them. The flow patterns in building literally impact the blood, the way one moves through space in patterns, effects the currents of blood. Once humanity appreicates the fluid reality of their entire beings, architecture and medicine will work together. Buildings themselves can be shaped to induce states of being. All of the high culture and the primitive tribal cultures have understood this. The western modern civilization has ignored this fundamental principal to living in the physcial realm. The idea of verticle builidings without beauty internally, where every floor is the same, belies nature and the human experience. it is mechaincal representation of static energy. instead, builidings should implement kinetic energy in t he user. this is not mere aesthetics,. it is the difference between creating building that infuse vitality and builidings that diminish the clarity of the spiritual forces acting in each person.

September 11. 2001 was an outer expression of the inner war that has already begun between those beings who want for earth, the freedom of saints and those who want for the earth the prison of time. it is not what people think a mere question of cultures at war as normatively expressed. it is rather a global proposition that was expressed in that event. The challenge is to choose and choose with determination. Does one want elevation or diminishment. Does humanity want freedom or imprisonment, The event set the question before the world in anew way.

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