6:55 am – 7:15 1/26/02

Patience is spoken of as a dimension, similar to time and space and force. It is not so much a dimension as an attribute of a dimension that is both inner and outer. It is the quality of nurturance.

Patience is not a discipline, it is a way that love is expressed, love for oneself, love for the laws of nature, love for the natural world. The reason so few people have this quality of enduring love of anything, the ability to enable something’s gradual unfoldment, is that love is not thought of as without time. Love like so many things, is in some people’s mind, a measure of output. Patience requires faith in the unseen, faith in the effort’s ability to produce what cannot yet be known. Patience is not something that is cultivated with stern indoctrination, rather it is the emergence of the soul’s ability to contour a life according to what in the long run it needs.

Patience is an attribute of the creator and when humans display this same way of accepting the natural course of the way life grows, the person experiences more of the light’s influx, because they have the ability to hold it. Patience is the ability to hold the light and to recirculate it wihtout needing to see where it goes or its effect.

Patience is vital and is not at all like failing to resolve things. Having patience about an issue is an abiliyt to resolve it in a proper way. So that for those, like yourself, who exhibit strong signs of impatience, it is not so much an ability to understand, as it is an ability to appreciate why duration, like elongation, and suspension are vital to the manifesting of the spiritual dimension. While spirit is here at the moment of thought, matter takes longer to be reshaped accordingly. So that if you are working on an issue, that involves more than yourself, one has to be wise enough to slowly shape the environment for the changes or the continuation or developments one is hoping to be part.

Most people find patience difficult because they are not attendant to the process of life as much as they are the outcomes they picture or perceive. That in itself is a false path. Envisioning the future is an activity, an exercise, much like looking is for eyes, visions are for the mind. But the heart works differently, it just wants completion in each moment. Patience enables that, for it permits the soul to instruct the mind about the vital interactions that unfold a goal. It is the failure to nurture a goal, an idea, a hope,that is actually responsible for failure. People are destined for many things, patience permits the opportunity to draw to oneself those situations needed to meet that destiny.

Without the ability to endure with a thought, an idea, a plan, one cannot properly accumulate the necessary energy, insight, and will to incubate, grow, produce that result. Patience is the ability to hold what is outside of oneself within, and to incubate what is within so that is protected from the without. Patience is not a dimension but a key to it. It is where the past, present and future come together.