Note 7:05 am – 7:25 1/18/02

What we are here to tell you, is not new. But the telling is. Many of you are working towards the sweeping changes of the earth. This is good. At the same time we offer some caution. It isn’t by good deeds alone that the world is transformed, but by the love in the deed. It is said that many try, but few succeed. In truth, all succeed but few try.

It is not our choice or your choice – regarding whether or not the many dimensions can interface, they interface already. It is like clouds that come and go , Sometimes the sun is seen and at others it is obscured. The mind is like the sky. It is vital to navigate it with respect for things we cannot move, but which we can go around. For while mankind is free to think, few use their minds freely. The mind likes to be cared for. One does this by keeping it supple, thinking the unlikely, examining the apparent one more time. It is there that most is concealed, not hidden as much as veiled. Not veiled as much as diffused, Not diffused as much rarefied, Not rarefied as much concealed. Inside itself. It is both visible and invisible. The clues are in the visible, the essence suggested by it.

You wonder about the races. The direction of humanity is to mistake harmony for non-differentiation, No, there are differences between the races, important ones. Each is a an aspect of the whole. They are whole in the themselves but also not entire. Something can be whole but not entire. One can love the whole world but not visit it entirely. One can love another person completely, but never entirely as the manifest realm doesn’t present things in their entirety, only in their coming toward entirety. To be entire, in the sense of completed, is to be no longer, Meaning, the notion of entirety is fixed in the minds and eyes of humans as being whole. But entirety is not a physical property, it is a property of mind alone. Mind is able to grasp both what is whole and what is suggested in becoming. Mind sees what is intended. The Eye sees what is. The Spiritual eye sees both. It is the perception of the intention, that marks something’s entirety, but in fact, no thing is an entire presentment of an idea. Ideas are diffused light. It is only by engaging what is before the idea, the germinal light, that one actually is, experiences, what is entire about the manifest world. It is the consciousness that holds the complete expression of anything, not the thing itself. 7:25 am