Lena called to share the experience f her fathers death on April 16, 1987 and signs from him after death

I wanted to share the experience that I had with my father’s death. He died of  cancer and the  last week that he was alive I spent with him at home. My mom and I would I spend time being with him. He was very frightened of passing on and the day that he passed was Holy Thursday. And I indicated to him during the week that he should feel most honored to be taken at this time. He was frightened of passing on, because you know from his old catholic up bringing. you know,  if you eat meat on Friday you were going to go to hell and all of this other stuff. So, the day that he passed on, a few hours before he passed on he had his rosary in his hand. He sat bolt up in the bed.  And I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head. He was frightened of letting go. And the rosary went throwing across the room . He had thrown it. Once we calmed him down, maybe about four or five hours later he did pass on. What I had done, Mom and I were looking around the room for the Rosary because we wanted to put it in his  hand and my moms sister, Auntie Isabella said, let me give you my rosary and then you can put it in his hand.

So what I did,  I had laid his hands flat and I kind of intertwined the Rosary through his fingers. Then that night when the police finally came and the Priest and the doctors pronounced him dead, they took him to the funeral home. Then the following morning my Auntie Isabella said, I want you take the rosary … because I want you to have it. So later in the morning when I went to the funeral home and I said to the people  Could I have the rosary, he said  the Rosary?  And I said yes and he said,  well there were two of them. One of them had been clenched in his hand. They had to pry open his fingers. That blew me away. Because when my father had passed I laid his hands flat on his chest. Closed his eyes, put a cover over him and everything, and what I said to Dad — when you get over there I want you to let me know that youre over there and that you are ok. just give me sign of some sort. Well the signs were this rosary. Number two, the clocks stopped in the bedroom when he passed. And that night I slept in my old bed, that I grew up in, in my old bedroom and the next morning when I woke up,  I felt my cat that had passed away five years ago. This is like it happened yesterday. I felt pixie put her paws on the edge of the bed and stick her nose in my face cause thats what she would do all of the time to get me up. And so it brought me such peace at that moment. And then I felt her jump up on the bed and walk to the edge of the bed at my feet. That’s when I sat up bolt in the bed and realized that Pixie had passed on.  Now what that brought for me was the peace and comfort. I felt at that moment that my father was telling me he  had made it over there and that he was fine.

Later on that week I had gone to my little spiritual church, I was living in Boston at the time and they had a medium that was a guest speaker. Now I   keep everything pretty much to my self. And this woman came to me and she said that someone very close to me, a fatherly figure has come forward and wants to say thank you for helping him pass to the other side. I just tell you it blows me away to this day.