A Phantom Phone call let sisters say goodbye. 7.18.97

Sammy called in to describe an unusual event that took place in 1988.

Zoh, in 1988 I had been with my sister, you know all of us are very close, all eleven u of us. I had been with my sister all day Thursday until late at night, she was very ill and we shopped an done things she needed to do. The last thing she said when I left that night at nine oclock was, she said dont worry honey, if I need you Ill call you. So I came on home reluctantly because I didn’t think she was very well. And anyway on Saturday morning at five oclock I thought I was awakened quickly by the phone and I answered it and said hello and my sister said Sammy I know Im an old lady but come now. She was a very vain person and she was 73 but youd think she was fifty-three. She said come now, Im an old lady, come now.

Well I got out of bed as quick as I could and was dressing and my husband said what are you doing, its five oclock? I said,  well that was Deet on the phone and she needs me. He said the phone hasnt rung. I said  well Im going anyway. So the trip was fifty miles, it always took an hour. i got there in forty minutes and I rang the buzzer, she was in an apartment building and you rang to be let in. And just as I did that she was on the phone with my husband, and she said Robby, I need to talk to Sammie. And he said Well Deet, she should be ringing your buzzer any second. Right then I rang her buzzer and she let me in. And when I got upstairs she opened the door and she says, What are you doing here, and she was gasping for breath, and  I said, Well , I thought you called me. She said, No, I havent called you. Then she was gasping and I wanted to take her to the hospital but she just wouldnt let me or call 911. So we went through the day and that evening, finally about five oclock she said, you have to do something. So I called 911 and she said, but you know if they take me away, I wont ever come home. But the fact that the phone didnt ring and I got that message is what I wanted to tell you.