Mary, A mother tells of communicating with her son after death and a sign before his death

There’s a lot of stuff going on. We lost our twenty one year old son three months ago, and he certainly is communicating. He worked at the lighthouse at Tiny point in Southern Maryland. And all of a sudden, every time we turn around there is a lighthouse. How many days do you go without seeing a lighthouse? For a while it was one whole week of everyday and there was a lighthouse. We went to visit someone and there was a picture of a lighthouse in their home. My husband had an old calendar on his desk just the other day and it was the month of January, which was when Josh passed over. And he flipped it over and on the other side there was a lighthouse. He was going to throw the calendar out. We see Dorman lighthouse trucks just in front of us on the highway all of the time.

He (Josh) was home from school on Christmas break and we were having dinner at the table one night, two days before he went back to school where the accident happened, and he had his head down and he had a cross on his head, almost like it had been shaved into his hair. So I called my other son and said, look at your brother’s head. And he said, man what did you do to your head? There’s a cross on it, And Josh said,  I didn’t do anything to my head. His scalp was showing through in the shape of a cross.