2/1/02 6:05 am – 6:25 am

Sleep is not a time when we vacate. Rather it is a time the vacated are filled. During sleep not only is the body nourished by the cessation of action, but the soul restored through the great activity of its own. The breath suspends and animates both the body and the soul. The soul depends on the breath for presence. In the breath is the aptitude of the souls expression, not its genius, but its showing. What is meant, a soul may have much greater capacities than is present in form, in potential. The breath invigorates the forms that are there. As breath fills in the shapes that are stored within the soul, events congregate, rather constellate, and take shape physcially. The art of yoga will create in any person, a condition that we could call arising. The yogic or any meditative breathing practice, does in the conscious awake state for the human, what sleep does for the average living creature. One is conscious and the other for most, unconscious.