7:30 – 7:40 pm 1/29/02

Compassionate civic action is to suggest the kind of service one can do. It also tells how to do that service. You have spent much of your life serving as a warrior. It is time to serve as a peace maker. We do not mean to cease the effort of fighting injustice, but to do so in a way that attracts less attention of the force that opposes peace. It is wiser to support the most vulnerable in the world, for few care that that is done, but it has the biggest effect. For he who would lift up the least able, lifts the whole world. Compassionate civic service need not be a work of your own hands, but work involving hands. Where ever you find the hands of others put to task, give your support. Wherever talent is being expended to assist in the most basic of needs, lend your care. These are simply guidelines to make your giving greater, so that when it is given, one sees the light come from it. Where so ever one’s heart and hands are put together, there is peace and prosperity spiritually.