Desire is a spiritual will of sorts when applied in proper fashion. By this we mean, applied to the template that pulls the soul’s need. For the soul’s need, in its purest sense is identical to God’s need, it calls for harmony, for unity, for self awareness.

Desire is the pull we feel towards something or someone that has created a space for our presence to occupy. It happens between strangers because their resonant bodies have crafted a shape, like two interlocking puzzle pieces, shaped over time , together and apart. The pieces long for completion. Souls do this—it explains how people meet and are in rapport instantaneously. Each pulling to completion by a fitting of parts that are already cultivated.

The desire for that which is postponed, is perhaps the hardest desire to tame. When we say tame, we do not mean suppress. We never advice a suppression of desire as it only grows the desire but in distorted form. Desire is the expressed will of the soul when it deals with a sense of being united to someone or something that is constructive to the world, versus desire that is destructive in the world. How, one asks to know the difference. If the desire is for answering some creative impulse, it will be for the good of the world and not the self alone. If the desire so for a momentary satisfaction, while one could not call it wrong per se, it is not the higher octave of desire we speak to this moment, but lower need that is a bit different from desire.

Pure desire is the way in which the patterns of the unvierse move through souls, embedding in them, aspects of themselves that need enlargement. The soul calls for these even when the person’s conscious mind does not orchestrate these events and movement.