Hieronimusing originally posted 7/18/01

In more ancient times, the monastic traditions of the world protected the seeker from the despotic tide of mundane affairs, unless in the process of their working, the Orders discovered secret powers or ancient teachings that had been hidden, at which time they were most often subject to cruel and horrendously barbaric purges. Whether it was the treasure of the Cathars, the Templars or the Poet Troubadours, each were subject to a Church sponsored slaughter. While most moderners ignore the meaning and import of these events, are we any less prone today, towards limiting those individuals who are way showers to the sacred trusts. Are we less or more prone today to accepting their wise guidance?

I have been part of a modern era community of seers and psychics, of military remote viewers and distance healers, and while at present there are not witch burnings or beheadings of the those with second sight, there is a constant effort to extinguish the birthright of this knowledge and tradition. Opinion in the modern era is treated as sacred writ and what is sacred is often subject to severe ridicule and out right torrents of illegitimate criticism.

Whether it’s the Government’s ongoing and at this point absurd and ridiculous denial of UFO and ET contact, or the fact that the deceased do and always have made contact with the living, the mystery schools have preserved as wisdom, that the brain is not the mind and consciousness survives our physical bodies dying. That we are in fact capable of non local mind.

The wisdom teachings of all the world’s great and smaller traditions point to the same interpenetration of multiple dimensions. While quantum physicists can speak of this as emergent and interpenetrating fields, a clairvoyant might describe it as mixed and various tones and hues, and a clairaudient as a series of sounds and melodies with harmonies and disharmonies. Regardless of how the interdimensionality of our physical world is experienced by the person, the telling of the experience is the one way we have been able to preserve, through out humanity’s history, a tradition of the mortal and immortal world, ours and that of the earth herself.

From everything I have learned over the past quarter century, it seems quite clear, that today we are challenged to become fully conscious of our task as earth stewards, not just of preserving the natural environs in which we live and find beauty, but in the spiritual realms as well. That we through our love, are to ensoul the world for eons to come.

Where once we may have depended on extraterrestrial or ongoing angelic and higher kingdom assistance, today we are called upon to stand upright to our birthright as divine agents of a magnitude of nature herself. That humanity’s ability to love and be in sacred communion, is the determining energy that the earth’s survival hinges on. We are created in G d’s image but have not yet accepted our immortality nor our kindred spirits in all the world’s domains, on earth and in heaven. It is time to unfold from our hearts, the sacred earth we are birthing.