by Zohara and Dr. Bob Hieronimus
For UFO Magazine Oct/Nov ‘02

There are very few scientists in the world qualified to do what Bill Tiller is doing. After 30 years at the Department of Materials Science at Stanford University, and its former Department Chair, he is devoting his time to the development of reliable instrumentation for the detection and study of “subtle energy” fields in nature.

Fellow to the American Academy for the Advancement of Science William A. Tiller, Ph.D. is an expert on the structure of matter and has been consultant to government and industry in the fields of metallurgy and solid state physics. His fields of specialization are crystal growth, surfaces and interfaces, physical metallurgy, semiconductor processing, thin film formation and computer simulation. He has published more than 250 scientific papers, three technical books and has five patents issued.

More inspiring to us, however, Professor Tiller has a long-term interest in anomalous and exceptional energies, psychotronics, Kirlian effects, healing, modes of consciousness and psychoenergetics. He has developed theoretical modeling to understand these manifestations of “subtle energy” within a conceptual framework that incorporates all of conventional science.

In his recent book, Conscious Acts of Creation: The Emergence of a New Physics, co-authored with Walter Dibble and Michael Kohane (Pavior Publishing, 2001), Bill Tiller charts what can best be called the science of consciousness. He shows us how “subtle energies”, a term he coined several decades ago, are sustaining and animating life, predicating physical existence.

Far from being simply things that communicate ideas and feelings, our thoughts are energy units, expressed in waves and particles—and as such, they touch all life, even the immaterial domains of the universe. Being able to control one’s mind and emotions is the goal of spiritual practices world-wide, the effect of which some call cosmic consciousness. It is said all becomes one, yet still differentiated. This type of bio-self-management leads to what Ingo Swann calls Biomindsuperpowers, or what is shown in classical wisdom teachings and oral traditions to be the key to a type of teleportation, bi-location, healing, and more. Having total control over the faculties of mind and feeling, traditions show us, gives one the ability to consciously be in many realms at once. This may even explain accounts of inner-dimensional beings who seem to pass in and out of our physical dimension.

The Science of Consciousness

“The conventional paradigm says there is no place where any human quality of intention or consciousness can enter physics,” said Tiller, explaining the problem of ‘objectivity’ in science. Science is currently dominated by the belief that it is “not possible for humans to meaningfully interact with and change any aspect of physical reality, in particular, target experiments. My intuition said that was wrong, big-time… and my goal was to prove or disprove the supposition, to move the envelope.” Tiller has done more than simply move it. It is as if the envelope has levitated – the envelope of science itself, as Tiller is able to describe in precise and technical ways, how our consciousness conditions our environment through will, focused intent, and attention. It seems that our thoughts create an imprint in the etheric matrix. If we then apply our will to shaping this form, it will coalesce in the material realm. “Even the littlest of our conscious acts,’ stressed Tiller, “has an effect far beyond the range we are taught to believe is possible.”

Lattice Superstructure

Tiller has been working on a new model for over 30 years which he calls a “multidimensional simulator model”. This simulator shows the human reality surrounded by “lattices, or web-like structures that enable the interaction between the mind, the body, the soul – the material and immaterial domains.” He says that in the course of his research almost immediately, “it was necessary to expand the number of dimensions of our physical reality beyond the four we normally talk about. It became very quickly a ten dimensional model. As we ride the river of life together, the spirit aspect of self basically interacts with a ten dimensional simulator, a device, kind of a teaching machine. The structure of that teaching machine at the highest level, the level of mind, is basically as a set of nodal networks, of consciousness/energy conversion points in space which have an amazingly small spacing, like 10 to the minus 25 meters. Within that close packed network was a convertor of emanations from the mind domain to what, for the moment, we will call the etheric domain. And then there was another superlattice which was yet again about ten orders of magnitude larger in scale than the etheric nodal network in another hexagonal pattern interfacing with what we were calling physical reality.”

Tiller went on to to describe the various interconnecting lattices and the mathematics by which to discuss them and make better use of our awareness. As noted on his website, though Tiller writes and speaks clearly, like the experienced professor he is, his books do require a broad scientific background to grasp the full impact of his groundbreaking findings. Despite this, however, the average curious reader will be inspired even by focusing on only a small part of Tiller’s theory at a time. He is beginning to show how science can prove the correspondences between subtle energy and physical phenomena, and his speculations are constructed upon the most solid theories of matter and electrodynamics

The Fruit Fly Proof

“Human intention can be captured in a simple electronic device and then that device can meaningfully interact with a specific target experiment,” said Tiller, describing how they began with three target experiments. Tiller demonstrated that human consciousness can alter the manifest world in chemical, biological and living systems. “In one experiment,” he explained, “we used two simple electrical devices, identical in all respects. We wrapped one in aluminum foil and put it in an electrically grounded Faraday cage. That was the control. The other one was then set on a table top around which sat four very well-accomplished meditators, highly inner self-managed individuals, who would go into a deep meditative state. Once they were in that deep state, first they would cleanse the environment, make it a kind of sacred space. Then one would state the particular imprint intention for this device, and that was ultimately to influence the particular target experiment.”

In what Tiller called a “thy will be done sort of thing,” the participants held the imprint intention thought for 10-15 minutes and then just released it entirely. The results have demonstrated how information is transferred from the mind to a receptive environment through a field that interpenetrates the material and immaterial realms. Tiller and his team used these intentionally imprinted electrical devices (IIED) to affect the pH in water both up and down, activate liver enzymes, and reduce larval developmental time in fruit flies. “These were the three target experiments we started with, and we were robustly successful with all three of those,” explained Tiller. “There has been a large body of good data around, but the effect magnitude of it is very small. So, in that case, one has to use careful statistics to show that there is a real, non-random signature which is down close to the noise level. In our studies, the effect magnitude was large, often 100-1,000 times larger than our measurement accuracy.”

Equally interesting is the effect Tiller’s team discovered their experiments were having on the very space in which they were being conducted. “When you use these intentionally imprinted electrical devices for three to four months, the electrodynamic symmetry state of the space is raised,” he says, indicating the principle “as above, so below” coming to life. Repetition of the experiments in given locales can dramatically increase the power of the locales to reproduce the results, creating a “sacred space” so to speak.

“Any measurement you make” of this effect, continued Tiller, “has two parts. It has a part that is due to the distance-time frame of reference. Thatís the particulate part. And it has a part associated with reciprocal distance-time. Thatís the information wave part, or what I called the etheric part, or the magnetic part. It turns out that under normal conditions of our reality, the second part, the wave part, is very, very small. It is real, and it is what is involved in most parapsychology experiments, but the magnitude of that contribution, compared to the first contribution, is small. And yet, through careful measurements, it can be detected. When you take our kind of imprinted devices and you turn them on in space, it basically pumps the space to a higher level of symmetry in the universe. And itís at the higher symmetry level that the second contribution can become much larger.”

They have interpreted this to mean “that some state of order is developing in the physical vacuum. If you have a higher symmetry state, then it is also a medium of higher free energy. And itís free energy that drives this world, sort of a chemical energy type thing; but more than chemical, it can be electrical, it can be magnetic, all aspects of substance.”

And still, interaction between the physical and etheric particles is not possible unless something additional is added to the picture. As Tiller explained “in our particle world, relativity theory says that things have to go slower than the velocity of light. But in the reciprocal space, that wave space, everything goes faster than the velocity of light. So the magnetic monopole particles that can function in a vacuum are going faster than light, and in order for them to interact, which they must do in order for there to be electromagnetism, I proposed a higher dimensional substance called deltrons. This is in the domain of emotions and [they would act as a] coupler – it can couple between the electric substance and the magnetic substance.” In other words, the deltron particles can interact with etheric particles traveling faster than light and also interact with physical particles traveling slower than light, and can thus bring about energy exchange between them.

“The deltron force is that which effects rapport,” Tiller continued. “Our focused attention to something conditions its environment to receive it, an upholding at a higher order. By paying attention to something, we elevate it in all dimensions simultaneously. That coupler, which I call deltron, is really a key element. It does more than just couple. Human intentions can influence that substance. Here is how one sees the effects of intention on physical reality.”

Tiller’s “multidimensional simulator model” is really a wave diffraction model. The consciousness waves from the mind domain go through the lattice points of the etheric domain because of the reciprocal nature of the two lattices. When the intensity is high enough, there is a conversion to a form of energy which is then refracted off the nodal network and through the space-time sublattice. These nodal network points are both convertors of consciousness/energy, from mind to the etheric to the physical, but they also radiate out patterns of energy appropriate for that sublattice. “That’s what feeds and nourishes us as physical bodies walking through this great grid of nodal networks,” declares Tiller.

The Water Connection to Mind Control

Since we are primarily water beings and live on a planet chiefly composed of water molecules, it seemed reasonable to ask Dr. Tiller about the ability of water to carry or amplify vibration. In symbology, water is often used to symbolize the emotional life, and perhaps if water was connected to the deltrons, that might explain why emotions and thoughts can affect us so strongly both individually and collectively.

Tiller revealed that indeed, “water is very high in deltron content. It is the easiest substance to activate than perhaps any other material. I don’t have enough data to substantiate it, but [I believe] water is that sacred substance. Water seems to have a very high potential deltron content which can be activated by intention.” This realization led him to investigate the healing powers of homeopathy and prayer.

It may also explain the efficacy of mind control, crowd manipulation and other destructive or disintegrative methods used to impact free will. Creating fear, polarization, intense states of emotional “charge” are applied to drive mass movements, hysteria, and even war. How? Perhaps the ability to control these causative forces comes from engaging the mental function of the higher mind and the astral or emotional, with the electromagnetic nature of the grounding apparatus, in this case our consciousness. As Tiller’s model demonstrates, the emotions nurture the ground in which the world will manifest. How we feel about something, or the way we are manipulated to feel about anything, a person, an idea, an action, has a great deal to do with what we are willing to see, and, in fact, mind control can also be used for affirmative and unifying effects, to benefit healing and even create miracles.

A major portion of our life force originates from the energy in the vacuum of space. Tiller’s 10-dimensional world could be a modern, scientific understanding of the ancient Kabbalah. Our bodies, minds, spirit and soul are interpenetrating, but at the same time, they exhibit unique states. We learn from Tiller’s lattice-like structures and ideas about reciprocity in nature, that we can assemble or disassemble matter with our minds, and that we are doing it all the time. In this sense, our consciousness contains the effects of the past as well as the potentials of the enfolded future. Tiller is on the way to proving that consciousness is non-local, how telepathic thought transference works, and how mind control can be facilitated or prevented. As the late dowser Terry Ross said “it is a matter of being everywhere and everywhen.”