Hieronimusing originally posted 7/2/01

Nations Have Destinies

Love of nation is not archaic, in fact our times demand it. For nations like humans have destinies, though ours is being abandoned, and other nation’s destinies ransacked. America is a Constitutional Republic, while we do not yet embody the principles that configure our design, nor do we any longer adhere to the process of representative government as intended, it remains our task to restore the nation’s purpose, as a sacred one, a hermetic undertaking in freedom.

The Nation is not a utility, but a collective of souls’ unfoldments, a nation created through the self governed, rather than the governed over. The many unfolding the one. Like coherent light, nation can integrate the various peoples under a common law, into an ethical and potentially virtuous society; if adhered to. This is a spiritual reality, not just a philosophy. To manifest our highest purpose as a communion between the self-governed, requires that all personal and government action be evaluated in the context from which our authority flows, both human and divine, set against the constitution, the supreme law of our land. It is the Nation’s sacred system by which freedom is supported and evolution of the city-state secured, to that of realized Nation, holy citizen in sacred city, conscious of their destiny, Shamballa on earth.

Nation As Sacred Vessel for Transmutation

Modern politicians and commentators urge us to surrender nation as though it were a decoration, a choice for us to make. Out picturing instead the necessity for a global supra-government and dissolution of state and the process of representative law-making. But neither state nor nation are our prerogative to dissolve, and to assist to do so, is in my opinion to do the bidding of the Antichrist, the devolution of freedom and thus sacred sovereignty.

A Nation’s soul unfoldment is the embodiment and unfolding of our own and our group histories from around the world. Nation is a sacred vessel where the many become the one. We are not separate, but we are unique. Sovereignty is not an artifact of popular creation. The process and respect for a sovereign being at the individual, the local, the state, nation or on a planetary level, is the acknowledgement of one’s entitlement to freedom, and the process by which one’s will can contribute, according to agreed-upon rules, to a constructive building of a civilization. To deny a nation its right to keep and make its own laws, as current political organs like the WTO, World Bank and UN are increasingly doing, curtails humanity’s evolution and unfoldment according to the will and vision of those whose lives the world effects, and whose lives effect the world.

The abolishment of nation state is to surrender a person’s potential destiny, as well as substituting men’s fickle wills, in place of divine measure of equal and just judgment before the law of equal humans.

The Holy Sovereign

Sovereignty as a political concept is not a modern creation, it is a hermetic distinction, between the individuated person and the unrealized being. Sovereignty, be it that of the individual, the couple, the family, the city , the State or planet, acknowledges that there are units of relationship whose purpose is to serve the whole, and not harm its members. Just as family or community or even cells in our body collaborate to create a beneficial outcome, nations, because they are grown from the people’s will, love and action, can eventually participate in a global community of one world at peace, grown from the hearts of the people in a way that is just and sustainable.

This cannot be accomplished by the homogenization of economies at the expense of individual law-making and keeping, as is being done world-wide. Our Congress and our States by default, are attempting to conscript the world’s people to foreign bodies which do not represent a single citizen anywhere in the world, and whose very existence is illegitimate when set against our rule of law and divine right order. They are dark creations, the result of avarice and not love, more an adoration of dissolution than a contribution to the process of building union and good will on earth.

Politicians and their financial underwriters assume the power to strip humanity of our rights, not by citizen declaration but by thievery in the night due to our apathy, ignorance or failure to resist. Thus the clarion call to dismantle every nation, to regionalism without respective representation, would be to pretend that men have the right to strip of us our inalienable free will’s participation in creating our own, or our planetary destiny; excluding our potential from manifesting, from taking part in shaping the future of the place we live or have commitment and hence responsibility. In America, our States.

Citizen as Spiritual Seeker

Representative law making reflects a symbiotic process of the soul and spirit, past and future. Reflecting the Nation’s founding construct, our past, in our case its Constitution and Bill of Rights, citizen’s rights are not defined, but rather government limitations are enunciated. What future laws we might create to better represent right relations, must themselves attend to these historic laws, the past we unfolded from. From them streams a sense of the ideal nation, its virtues and process to enact them. Representative lawmaking embodies on earth a representation of the hierarchical reality in the universe, making things related in octaves of similars. It establishes in reality, that every person is a sovereign being, and that together we can elect others to represent us before the council of law. Thus honoring the law as supreme ruler, rather than popular opinion, custom, or militarized force. A Constitutional Republic honors the way in which a destiny is unfolded from the hearts and wills of community rather than the imposing will of the few.

The Statesman as Hierophant

The League of the Iroquois instructed our founders on the purpose and method of representative law-making. They showed how States, like tribes of different sizes, could in council become made equal, hence the reason that each State has two Senators to represent us in international affairs, treaties or declarations of war. Thus any commitment made by our unified voice, would be decided by the people equally regardless of any state’s population. This method of separate but equal, restrains the tendency of the majority to over rule the few. When it comes to our Nation’s defense which is not the same as interests, Inter State Commerce, roads and the postal service, the only constitutional domeigns of the federal government, the House in Congress was configured to represent each state proportionately, by census. In this way the fair share of operating a federal government as a servant of the States, and not the reverse relation as it stands today, would be shouldered by the States based on their populations . In times of war, fair share apportioning protected smaller states citizens from bearing an unfair burden in combat.

Today the income tax, which by law only applies to a corporation’s profits after expenses are paid, is instead an illegal wage and salary tax imposed extra jurisdictionally by habit, force and threat of imprisonment or impoverishment, indenturing each citizen of every State to incremental taxation, the ruination of any civilization. One has a god given right and a constitutional mandate to prospering by the fruits of one’s own labor. In our Republic, the Federal government has no legitimate right to plunder the citizens of the States with direct taxation, any more than the Kings had the right to plunder the villagers.

Philosopher King

The design of our nation was brilliant, as though created from the heart of a philosopher King. The expense of our defense when called for, based on fair share apportionment among the states as described, was primarily afforded by the taxes imposed at our nation’s borders, with an excise tax imposed on foreign nations or corporations wanting the privilege of doing business in our states. That is why in truth, treaty laws do not effect citizen’s of the State while living in their States, but only when we travel to a signatory nation. Some of what I say no doubt is foreign, because our sacred path has been forgotten and generations of our citizens have had the truth hidden from them. We are not, nor were we intended to be a democracy where majority rules. In a Constitutional Republic, the rule of law, not popular opinion is still the supreme law of our land. Like any sacred path, upholding these relationships in action, requires the vigilant attendance of the participant, in our case the active and civically literate citizen.

The citizen in the context of the Sacred Journey

Our republic’s potential destiny is noble, for it serves as shield against political avarice and lust for power that could endanger the freedom of the soul, and the very spirit of freedom itself. It is a sacred path to be illuminated with our will, attended to with the power of our loving hearts, invigorated with the vision of our spirit, adored with the history of our soul. For the citizen takes upon himself the obligation of attending to the rule of law, like any hermetic tradition. One takes to heart the purpose of their action, and learns to measure the purity of the deed. Be it nation state or one human’s fate, all relations are human relations and our relations with life on earth. Fidelity to common process, an inclusive way to unfold a destiny of people the ideal republic pursued, quested for and out pictured into manifesting.
America has a great destiny to unfold, that we should not surrender; to express a spiritual impregnation of the self governed, the sovereign human, serving freedom on earth, loving nation as sacred service.

To be published by Sophia, The Newsletter of the School of Spiritual Psychology