4/11/97 Daughters Dream Saves Mother From Death
Carolyn shared a story about a dream that may have communicated with her mother miles away

This happened several years ago. My mother used to live directly across the street for me. I could open my door and see her, and she could open her door and see me. She worked for the hospital, and she worked three to eleven. And I always took her to work.  I took her to work on this day and as she got out of the car I said, Ok honey, Ill see you tonight at eleven. That evening at about 10:30 I thought, well I have a few minutes and I would just lie down.  Now whether I went to sleep or I was just lying there and saw these things in my mind, I just dont know. I cannot explain that, even to this day. When I finally came to myself, it was a little after eleven and I thought, Oh my goodness I have missed my mother. So, I went to my front door and when I opened it I saw my mother walking down the street and I hollered Mother, and she said  Hi honey, I didn’t see you so I just took the bus. So she closed her door and I closed mine.

The next day at quarter of three I went over to the house and I said,  I am so sorry mother and she said,  its alight. So I put her into the car and I took her to the hospital and as she was getting… I am getting ahead of myself. Because while I was laying there the night before, I saw my mother coming out of the hospital, walk down the steps and walk to the curb.  She looked up the street to where I would normally park. And of course I wasn’t there. Then she looked to the right of her and she saw the bus coming, and I saw her as she started thinking, Carolyn isn’t here so Ill just take the bus. And as she stepped off the curb. I saw a taxi cab coming very, very fast  down the street. And I thought, Oh my God, shes looking at the bus and she wont see the cab! And I began, I just said, Oh God, please God, steer that cab away from my mother!  And just at that instant the cab just went all around her and didn’t hit her.  He would have hit her. He went across the street. I saw her get on the bus and come home and this is when I opened my door. And all of this had transpired while I was lying there.

The next day I went over and picked her up at a quarter of three, like I said. I took her to work and hadn’t mentioned anything that I had seen the night before. When I got to the hospital and I let her out I said,  Mom, I promise you honey, I will be here at ten o’clock tonight, I don’t know what happened. Last night I just laid there and I dont know what happened. And she said, Honey, I hope that you are here tonight. And I said,  Oh, I will be mother. And she started to get out and she said,  By the way, the reason I want you here, she said,  I almost got hit by a cab last night.