1/31/02 6:40 – 6:55

It is one thing to admire the beauty of the leaves all around you. It is another to understand them. They are more than an out growth of the seed. They are an expression of perfection. Consider their life cycle, especially those that are not evergreens. The arrive from the stem of the tree. Something hard, holding in it something so soft, annually. Cyclically, There is a great lesson in the trees and their leaves. Beginning from a seed that appears to hold nothing as it is infintesimally small,much like the lord in his state of contraction before birthing the world. it is the seed that best represents divinity’s status in the creative process, the inner contraction to singe point of condensation. Adding water to its condensed crystallized state unfolds its memory. Water increases memory, of all living things,. Water is the activator to the memory as God force is in water, Lightening effects not only upper atmopshere water but human brain quality. it is an important invigorator in subtle ways.