2/16/02 6:10 am – 6:20

It is always the intention that determines the outcome in the spiritual kingdom. In the physical world, intention must be mixed with desire and will. But not just that, intention shows the way of the soul if it is aligned with what is right. We do not mean to confuse intention with what one wants to do. Intention is a way in which the universe expresses its pattern. When humans align their will with that pattern, and then do something with an intention to accentuate that order, they are in fact, aligned with divine will.

Intention is a vehicle of consciousness that focuses the will through a narrow aperture. It is a declaration of awareness around a point. It is the way consciousness surrounds that which is yet to become or that which already has. Intention enables the energy of the cosmic world to mingle with the energies of the physical world. Thus, if one is seeking an answer, about anything, one need focuses ones intention on receiving the answer. You see, few humans acknowledge that the intention sets in motion an entire chain of events, much like an atomic reactio. Intention triggers in the soul, its ‘contact’ so to speak, through other realms. It enables them to turn on the genetic faculties to aquire the necessary pull to oneself, that enables the outcome to be as first conceived. Intention is an expressed conception. Intention is an expressed desire. Intention is in fact part of the universe’s architecture. Thus human intention is the architecture of the world.

Thus, be mindful that intention drives the unfoldment towards its permiter. That is how the material form takes shape. From the center of the intent, which is the alignment , to the outside spheres of influence by deed, intention is the inner heart becoming the outer world. Do let anyone ever misguide you into believing that the intention is not fundamental to the outcome. For what appears to be so in the world, may not in fact be the primary underlying cause of an event. But rather prior intention gathered together, even intention expressed from days long gone by. Thus, it is a storehouse of reserve energy in the thought realm that one can draw from. It is as though intention is type of mental sun. It gives life and order to the deeds one does and gathers around itslef, the causative will action of humans. It is a type of willful radiation.