1/30/02 6:25 – 6:40

Endurance is often thought of as strength. While it has qualities of strength, it is more about will, the will of the individual and the will of the initiatory act. What we mean, is that how something is begun has a great deal to do with how something will finish. One should take great care in starting new projects, new relationships, birthing new ideas. Cultivating them should be done with the care of releasing anything new into the world. Thoughts too, though they are treated like one of a million birds in the sky, a speck that goes unnoticed, are important beings. But if you build a thought, shape it, color it with lovely colors, perfume it, you will see how it attracts attention. A little thought, a small insignificant thought can be made to seem like a palace. You should try this for yourself. As it seems illogical.