2/27/02 5:45 pm – 5:55 pm

Usually one thinks of this as a geographical term. Rather it is an energetic one, it defines the capacity of a form to hold its movement, its shape. it articulates the extent to which something can stretch without discontinuity.

In the sense of world affairs it is a descriptive word for inner state of tension. While not perceived in such a fashion, in fact, the latitude or breadth of something, is a range of potential forms. it is a type of moveable perimeter not from the outside but from the interior.

Latitude is expressed by a type of inert energy inside the core of something. it is projection from the center outwards. Thus to increase latitude, one has to increase its capacity to hold more at the perimeter, while also increasing its central power.

In this sense, the latitude of love is defined by the ability to hold love. It is by increasing the storage capacity of something, that also increases its reach. As it relates to your question about hollow things having the greatest echo, latitudes are the place where lines conjoin. A point that meets its end. An expansive process, rather than contractile. It is what has been pushed out from a vacuum, and what has been pulled to matter by the momentum towards the outer edge of its inner nature. Thus latitude is an outer expression of inner capacity.