Purpose is a verb. One does not possess purpose like an article of clothing. One unfolds its direction. As soon as one has even a corner of that purpose, by unrolling it from there, the entire purpose is seen, even though not yet performed. Too many people try to create purpose. More should allow the purpose to come to them. It is like two magnets of opposite polarities. They will be attracted to each other. Souls come with a set of challenges to overcome. The way to do that , is always attracted to them.

The soul works like a magnet. It pulls to itself what it needs. Always. It is the lower mind, the psyche and persona that interfere with that attraction and union. To know if that which has come to you is for the soul, all one need do is see how difficult it is to move it out of your life, out of the sphere of action, out of the mind of reflection. If it is difficult to detach from, it is a clue that the soul has attracted it for some important reason.

Discerning purpose is not a one time action. It is a day by day event. Purpose is not a singular thread, purpose is a tapestry. Like the change of weather, while the soul has an overall destiny, it is a soul first and foremost, purpose is presented each instant. One’s life is built on the small undertakings and how they are carried out. Each changes the universe.

You wonder why children rebel, even against those they love?

It is not the love they are testing, it is their own courage. There was a time in human life, when humans wanted more independence from the gods of nature they saw controlling their fate. Nature represented a limit some did not honor. There was a time when children did not rebel as we currently know it on earth, earth wide. They were properly instructed. They were prepared much sooner in life for responsibilities.

The modern 20th century tendency of younger humans to challenge their elders, is the distillation of developed culture’s challenging and threatening nature. Children, being closer to the realm of nature until a certain age carry within them for a while, the wildness of beauty. If it is not respected, permitted to be, it will come out in ugly ways, imbalanced ways. It will do self harm as well also harm to others.


This issue is vital. It is not a question of oil, solar, wind or any other type of energy. It is energy itself that humanity misunderstands. They do not see that it is the milieu of what they mistake as empty. On earth, human awareness is an energy. It is that energy that must be conserved first. If one does not respect the life force within, why would they respect the life force without? Energy is the original light, limitless and boundless. Being able to utilize it, requires vessels that can put out more than they take in. The reason for this, is that energy is abundantly available as power. To create perpetual motion from drawing on this essential substance, momentum must be built early in its cycle. Thus whatever is built must be flexible enough to collect a certain amount of the fluid light, and then as it begins to distribute it, to sustain the drawing in from the outside. However, it requires a smaller aperture for collection than distribution. The channel for drawing in, must be narrower than the one for distributing, as in the process of distributing, power is lost. What is not lost is potential energy. Potential energy can be distributed in great amounts. Actual energy cannot. Humans tend to design systems that rely on amounts of sustaining fuels, rather than stages of energy.

The key is to channel energy in a condensed form, to then circulate it and change its nature. The atomic age is a perversion of this realization. As done properly, the condensation can create a gentle power, rather than a destructive one. The power we speak of, is not a disassembling one, but one that reassemble parts to a whole. They instead took a whole that disabled all parts within it. The challenge of energy is not of materials, but perception. Energy is freely available. Once humanity determines to facilitate this freedom, it will be the sign that integration of the races can occur. Until then, war will devastate the societies, lack and need prevail. All of these man made sufferings are the outcome of the rebellion against nature.

Like the children you ask about, humanity is still mistaking a test of courage with the right to exploit. Dominance is not a sign of courage, rather it is a sign of weakness.

7:20 am ZMH