There is a wonderful expression, common ground. It suggests shared reality in time and space. It demarcates boundary without exclusion. It suggests unity among multiplicity. In this single expression is the wealth of wisdom about world peace. While some are calling for bioregions, to be controlled by supranational bodies, this is an indication that common ground will become a very vital survival principal. But something cannot be made common by ideal, commonality comes from a sharing of similar values or goals. A piece of property that is taken from one group to be shared among another group, is an inverse way to proceed. What is natural, and fruitful would be to foster community before assigning the land masses for communal use.

Another aspect of the notion of common ground, is that it expresses a union between a human and the earth herself. It is as if to say, when humans can get along, the earth is at peace as well. It suggests that our consciousness effects the earth. That the ground has the capacity to unite us. That we unite around and because of her.

Common in no ways suggests ordinary, rather shared. Finding what is shared between people is vital. Most often what is enunciated in the world, in personal and global relationships, are differences. It is far wiser to accent what is shared in values, or history or goals. For it is the shared vision, and needs that unite. Another expression, necessity is the mother of invention. In the case of world relations, there is necessity but no one need invent anything. What is needed already exists. To solve the world equity issues, about capital and resources, more can be done to partner nation and communities, groups and Universities. One of the serious problems is the competition over common ground. What we mean by that, is that many humans are working on the same issues, but not in a collaborative way, rather in competitive fashion due to the way in which knowledge is now ranked as a commodity for industrial or technological returns. This is a form of greed that is corrupting the spirit of invention. It belies the purpose of discovery which is to enlighten, to nurture, to foster development.

Common ground is a key note for the century. Common Water however, would be an accurate way to describe the inherent union among all life on earth and through out the universe.