2/25/02 9:45 pm

Elegance is as much a harmony, as it is a structure. Elegance is a balance of inner beauty and outer order, inner order and outer beauty. Elegance connotes entrainment that is consistent. It shows itself in the way it stands or moves, its composition being beautifully comported.

Elegance of heart shows itself in selfless acts. Elegance of heart shows a tenderness and strength. An elegant heart can hold the whole and tend the part. It is every bit conscientious as it is compassionate.

An elegant thought is one that increases insight with reflection and causes one to feel integrated. It is a way of looking at the world that is all encompassing, inclusive. And in so doing, makes the concept beautiful as well.

An elegant life, like the elegant heart or elegant idea, is one that is contributed to the world, but grown from an inner compassion for the world. It is not from wanting the world to recognize one’s place. An elegant life seeks to enrich the world, while enriching the inner life of the soul. It is a way of being in the world while not of the world.