When we speak of attributes, of course we refer to qualities. But we also refer to possessions. Not in a physical way but an incarnational. After a soul lives in the material realm and returns to its essential nature, it brings back with it from its temporary journey into density, qualities that are now posessed. It is spiritual term in fact, posession, that has been warped by the church and others over the centuries.

To be possessed originally meant to be in possession of qualities that were those emblematic of the spirit’s presence. To be possessed was not a derisive effect of incarnation, it was an elevated state of awareness.

Possession and the way it has come to mean being taken over by something unfit, in fact is the exact opposite of what the expression once meant.To be possessed ,was to have been held, to be cared for by spirit. To be possessed by spirit meant to be beloved by spirit.

An attribute of spirit’s presence is posession. It is as though the spirit possesses, has, holds the human soul in rapport. The attributes of this soul experience are a surrender of ego and desire for union. So that there is both a giving up and getting simultaneously.

When one surrenders in this fashion, we attribute it to their heart. The heart posesses it own spiritual attributes of endurance, of purity, and power. An enduring pure power. This attribtue is what allows for both the possession of love in the sense of being love and the being possessed by love, being in relation with the essence of love, an attribute of being possessed in the original sense.

Thus one could say that the attributes of spiritual union, are a form of being possessed by love and possessing love. It would be our hope that humans could begin to understand how their own misuse of words has also veiled the power of them, the meaning of them, and hence the right relations between aspects of life.