3/5/02 7:50-8:00 am

It is not often that one can say they are sincere and mean it. Often the saying is to convince oneself that this is so. Sincerity is a type of heart nature. It is not mental at all, though it has become a process of mental clarification.

Sincerity is a direct knowing, an instantaneous connection between people, a person and nature, between anything with that of a human. Sincerity establishes a direct rapport without interruption. To be sincere is to be clear about one’s purpose, not in a mental way, but in the soul. Sincerity is the aptitude of the soul to express union. It is a going out from within to something outside oneself. To love someone or something with sincerity, is to do so without doubt. The lack of doubt is what enables its fullness of feeling.

Sincerity is not something that can be acquired by practice, though doubt can be removed by clarity. Once removing doubt, it is possible for sincerity to grow of its own accord, but cultivating it is not done by will, only by love.

To love sincerely is to permit the heart’s rapture. The heart in rapture is, if one had unveiled eyes, like watching a winged heart sing. Around it is gathered beings and forces that flow out from it in harmonious patterns, as though a flock of birds taking flight from a grounded position. This type of direct issuing from within to without, and the absence of self doubt and mental control, is in fact the operational aspect of effective prayer and healing at a distance. Sincerity is a pipeline through which pure light is channeled and then patterned to a fit. Sincerity acts as the drawing down force of the cosmic love. The sincere heart calls to itself that power and glory of deity and other, and then redistributes it. Have you not seen in the face of some, children or adults, the radiance of ligh? Sincerity of heart is a soul quality that can be cultivated through service to others. It grows not by suppressing self needs, but transforming them through service.

To betray however, another sincere effort is a harmful action, not just to those involved but to the world. As the currents of an action born from sincerity, are undiluted streams of energy. When they are distorted by emotional rejection or challenge, it is as though the line were snapped. Like frozen tree limbs. Thus it is a type of spiritual obligation to acknowledge that which is done for you or others with a sincere heart, to honor it, and that which is done from other motives. The sincere heart is the one that delights in the life force, and pays honor to that which it is itself ushered from, the divine creator.