(HieroniMusing originally posted 8/2/01)

There is within the physics community a wonderful group of functional mystics, meaning the laws they have discovered or modeled, are in complete agreement with the ancient spiritual teachings of many traditions, be they Cabalists, Buddhists, Gnostic, Christian Mystics, and other ancient traditions as well. Expressing itself fundamentally in the law of similars, the general rule is that all things are related through octaves of similars. Much like a piano key board, one might have eight different variations of a note, each being higher or lower than another. Our thoughts are like these musical notes when put into a musical arrangement. They have beat, they have frequency, they have a shape and sound to them. Some have called these, thought forms. Clairvoyants can describe them, their color, their clarity or fuzziness. What we think say and do literally affects the shape of the material world. All things are vibrations, you, me and our computers. All interact. We are in an ever seething matrix of energies interconnected, all of the time. None of us can stop the world and get off, even when our bodies die. Because as units of light-energy we are immortal, recycling through the process of manifestations and immateriality.

The Fun of Discovering Everything Is One

Fred Alan Wolfe brings a sense of gaiety to this awesome truth, that we really are each others keepers, that my actions, or my thoughts really can help make others well, or the inverse, bring disharmony. We are powerful beings, we are god beings, and our destiny is to become aware of that fact. We know when we use hurtful words, what impact they have on others. Imagine the impact even hurtful or the reverse, loving thoughts are having on others. In my opinion, this renewed awareness of the role we each play, as observers and doers in the world, shows us why we should each strive to manifest our highest ideals and dreams adn loving hearts. We are active participants in one world.

Ancient and New Alchemy

The alchemists of old were very much interested, as are mystics and quantum physicists of today, in understanding how Spirit (or light energy) is shaped into matter. How, by refining the material world and one’s personal nature, could we create a a paradise on earth, one in its most rarefied and pristine nature? Current scientific reports emphasize the validity of this question, showing how our modern technologies enable a better evaluation of our inner sensibilities. Recent reports confirm that the alchemists valuing of morning dew as a life elixir was well founded. Dew is now known to present the plant’s greatest and most potent emission of proteins.

Future Stream

As in the case of the alchemist’s wise collection of dew for healing, their efforts to portray the universe as a multidimensional vibrant organism stretching backwards and forwards in time, continues in todays labs of science and in the laboratory of the mind. In his book, Mind into Matter, Wolfe asks, “so where does the new information providing (for instance) the choices for natural selection come from? How does this information come into the world? I’ll tell you: New information is not generated from the past; in terms of space and time it must come from he future. “ Wolfe is what I’d call a thought adventurer. He is decidedly certain that we live in parallel universes and that we are multidimensional beings, that can be expressed in mathematical equations, or even the ancient alphabet of Hebrew. Our lives, he says, have a mirror reflection from the vacuum of space. Or as he put it so eloquently “the world depends on what you believe is real. If the many worlds interpenetration is real, then you exist in more than one world and every event in every universe affects you. More than that, you affect everything else in all of these universes in countless ways.”

In fact as Wolfe like the ancient teachings of the world asserts, the imaginal world is real. What we think has substance, has affect. The imaginal draws, as William Tiller of Stanford points out, from the energy rich vacuum of space. Space is not empty, As the ancient Egyptians, Hebrews and Greeks taught, space is an all seething medium of energy that our future world will better access.

Jill Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus