1/25/02 7:00 am – 7:10 am

Children are not small adults. They are vessels of learning – learning about everything, everything they do is new to the soul in anew body. They are not to be given tasks like adults but tasks done for the sake of joy and the joy of learning Most children are not given a childhood, but a mirror of adulthood. Childhood doesn’t carry the weight of the world but the weight of a bird in flight. It should be light, fancy free and carefree. That is not to say without discipline. Every bird is taught to fly; every little bird is schooled to land properly. Every bird is shown how to look for what they need. All of these are basic instructions, what is not being done however is the flight. Few are teaching their children properly how to fly from an early age.

What we mean by that, is how to experience their spirit, how to know they are soul inside a body, how to know that the body is the edge of an inner life. That the inner life is what binds the mother and the child, the child and the nature spirits. There is much to add to childhood education but beyond all of what is missing, is the love. The love of their mystery, the love of their curiosity, the love of their unknowing knowingness. If one can give more attention to their innocence, while not exploiting it, the more little beings can grow to be big little beings. We mean, unfettered graceful souls full of light who know their body is the edge of their inner being.