Fear is an enormous problem on earth. It is easy to inspire fear. It is much more difficult to inspire awe. Fear is at first a visceral response. It is the result of brain chemicals responding to information. It is nothing more than that. A neurochemcial action. This is why it is animalistic. It occurs sometimes with minimal provocation. No more than a noise. As with the ability to perceive what is, rather than what is suggested by inference, humans are always reacting in fear, where there is no threat to their survival. In fact, often people do not respond to even the dangers that are before them, rather they will fear what has already occurred.

In this way, humans are insensitive to time currents. Most are incapable of sensing the future, fewer still living in the moment, but most live in the past, in the shadow of it, in the memory of it. Fear prevents a unity with the moment, it obstructs entirely the ability to see ahead. Fear is an emotion that lingers from the past of experience. Depending on how one was raised, will determine the degree to which fear immobilizes.

It is an emotion that can be used by humanity. Fear however, like most other emotions and attributes has been commercialized. It has been taken out of its natural role of warning the psyche. Instead it has become a form of entertainment. This is desensitizing society to emotion’s purpose in their lives. In fact, it is innundating culture with fears they need not have, while obstructing the awareness of what should be rightly feared. This kind of substitution of invented fears, versus authentic vibrations that cause fear, is very very destructive.

The entire society is hypnotized by a stream of images that connote danger. Violent scenairos, unlikely dramas of mayhem – people go to sleep at night with images of destruction they will likely never encounter in their physcial lives, but which they entrain themselves to emotionally. The single woman fears mass murder. The little child, being eaten by robot monster – the fear based imaginings of emotionally deprived people are governing your society.

The use of images to instruct the human is purposeful. It is the quickest way to teach the sighted. Images carry the formative intent – suggest what has come from the immaterial to manifest visibly. But when these images belie what is natural and true, they poison the soul. A steady visual diet of images that disembody a person from their sensitivity to subtle comprehension, destroys the finer faculty of spiritual digestion. For this reason, what your society thinks of as entertainment , is more truly, a malefic influence no different than those present throughout the ages that pulled the higher mind into the lower regions. If you care about the creative formative force inherent in human’s consciousness, you will not participate in the swarm of visual maggots eating away at the soul’s body, the conscious mind. It should be protected for the value it has – it is the precious slate upon which the spiritual kingdom impresses their values and wisdom on.

To overcome this cultural fear induced climate, one should look at each invented or real threat from three vantage points. Is the threat present in the moment? Does it come from your own space of being or the imagination of another? Is it from the past, present or future? Each of these three questions are what the soul does automatically, but which your minds no longer do consciously. The steady intake of fear based images has the capacity to override the body’s processing abilities. What it sees outside itself in movies, is taken inside oneself as a stream of energy. Children raised on violent images, will become less and less sensitive to what it means when it occurs in life. The comericalization of killing in this fashion, has denigrated the potency of life giving values. It has separated the feeling nature from the thinking nature. Unlike story telling, where humans were entrained together to the presence of the story teller, in commercial imagery as on telvision, there is no human context for the process, it is a mechincal one. It is not a story told from the heart of being, it is a chaotic congruence of mental noise that literally strips the human being of its finer resonance.

The best way to clear the mind before sleep, is not to watch images outside of oneself, but to review the images within.