Alimony is a term that refers to payments for separation. In fact, it is a form of tithing to the spirit of love. While it is a most a contentious issue in lives, it isn’t to meant to be. It is an offering to the being that creates union, it is an offering to the presence of spirits that have done their work. It is a way of completion that completes the karma. The one who can, should, uplift the spiritual release of love, by assuring material support for other, one has been with. It is an offering to the spiritual worlds through the person one is separating from. It is a from of respect for what was and what is. It is not a duty per se, because of the written law, it is an obligation because of spiritual debts. Not to do so, is ruinous to far more than what remains, when a separation occurs. It is an alchemical root, to express antipathy that has a future. How one arranges for these offerings is as important as the offering, it should be done in such a way that the receiver feels no guilt nor when possible anger. It should act as a cord between the people, much as light does in a shared room. It is a connection that enables the being of the union to continue in another way, as the alimony is expressed energy of sharing together and apart.