2/5/02 7:15 am

Silence is often thought of as nothing. As being empty, as holding nothing. In fact silence contains the entire world, all of it. Not a single entity, not a single fleck of matter is missing from silence. Silence is the reciprocal universe to the manifest realm. That is why silence is restorative, that is why silence is full of mystery and knowledge. Spiritual restoration is a type of breathing for the soul. Silence is for the soul what oxygen is for the body, Niether can live without the other well. Yes, one can live with one lung, just as one can live without an attendance to silence. Do either for long however, life is shorter, the personality more dominant than the soul, in the case of the lung the effort to breathe greater than the effort to be mindful of anything else. It creates a type of callousness of heart.

Silence is a highly informed volume of potential. Like the waters that reflect what are held in them directly, silence reflects everything in its essence not as it appears. Silence holds the germinal of all manifest realms. This is precisely why one who ventures into silence finds there, the answers to any thing they pursue. Give silence the regard she deserves and she offers up her secrets, just as a woman might for her lover, slowly disrobe before revealing her self completely.

Journeying into silence despite what many humans think, is a very courageous act. It asks one to serve the world in ways that remain unseen to most. It asks us to give of our life force to the future. And yes, to the past. Silence embodies the enitire universal space of time—holding all past reflections in it and all yet to manifest forms. It is she who holds in her womb all that has yet to have its time under the sun, a metaphor for chemcial properties that make manifest life occur, when it is in relation to the solar influences.

As you and others know, silence and being in silence assists in emptying the consciousn mind of chatter while undressing the unconscious mind of its bulk. It is a healing sanctuary. You ask, is there a god or goddess of silence? Who is that holds silence so, unchanged over the eons? Silence is the edge between creation and death. It best represents the quality of eternity that the soul experiences. Yet silence allows the soul to enjoy that environment while housed in a body. Silence provides the soul with the heavenly realm on earth that it resides in after life. It is not a lack of noise, it is lack of incoherent, random sound. It is highly organized state of sound, the refraction of sound. The one note that holds all notes. Many great humans have honored and written about silence. Let it be known that silence heals. She facilitates the changes that must occur for healing. She is handmaiden to psyche, nursemaid to persona, mate to soul and midwife to the manifest realm. She, the mother of the manifest realm. What might be put in her temple of silence? That is simple. The presence of the quiet and a humility, before her all knowing and all loving condition. From silence grows compassion and those intiated in silence are those who can make more from less. Silence is the manna that falls as food in exile. Sustains and reminds the soul of its purposeful reunion with truth.