2/15/02 7:00 am – 7:10 am

Heaven. It isn’t a place at all. It is a state of being. It is not an exclusive abode, it in fact invites all sentient life to itself. It is a drawing back into its essence all that had once been issued from it. Heaven is not, as human’s believe, a place one’s soul goes to.In fact, heaven is an awareness already in consciousness that some enjoy while on earth. One does not leave the earth to be in heaven. Earth is an aspect of heaven already. There is no down here and up there It is a unified field that we only experience as seperate when we experience the body.

The body however, is not an obstacle to experiencing this integrated state of awareness. The body can actually facilitate it, even though the spirit is occupied inside of it. The body acts as a carrier of the god seed and thus stands as sentinel to the beings that walk in all kingdoms. It is the body that enables this contact with this dimension to occur. Were it not for having bodies we could not act as conductors for this walk back and forth between realms.

The moving between realms became necessary to keep the planet thriving. When there was no human life, the consciousness could not adequately reflect the capacity of the full potential of god’s glory.

It is the human who elevates the planet’s presence and which facilitates the the ongoing fertilization of the cosmic forces into the planetary realm. One should think more of a human being as a conductor than an organism though they are both. Heaven reflects its fluidity in the waters of the world which is why so many are drawn to them. It realizes the soul, so that it can feel at home on earth. Water in fact is the consciousness of unity. That is why, one drop contains the whole. Water like holographic light, does not lose any of its parts even to evaporation as each part confers to the other parts its vibration. Thus, all rivers, are one. Just as earth and what is called heaven are one.