5:20 am 1/17/02

When the light travels from the cosmic space into interplanetary space and hence in the cerebellum, all things are united by electrical processes, lightening in the sky, currents in the oceans, nerve action in the body. When there are these upper atmospheric tests and oceanic tests utilizing frequencies, it is upsetting the balance between the mind of men and the mind of God. It is a form of static interference, no worse, a form of on going disintegration. So that, when one puts something of an interior nature to work in the exterior world, it takes more current than in the past to over ride the interference that occurs from these atmospheric tests and disturbances.

The grass acts as a barrier between the desert winds and ocean tides—it isn’t just for growing things on, it is for covering growing things over. Just as the grass protects the worms and others insects under cover, so too does prayer act as a great protection against the winds of evil and the high rising waters of anger. Anger has the ability to wipe out the flourishing soul
life, pushing spirit back from one’s environment and the winds of wrong doing, the kind that sweep the masses into wrong action can be prevented if there is high prayer – like taller grasses that allow high water to wash through and away.

Prayer is much more than a connection to the Godhead—it is the God spirit moving through humans, in fact, real prayer is not a human enterprise, but a godly one that has been taught to mankind for their use of building and sustaining matter. Matter exists without consciousness but consciousness shapes it into the 10,000 things of wonder.

Touch too is not a human quality alone but the hand of deity enabling the feeling of oneness in the separate creations. Touch unites and changes. By our touch are we known. By the lack of receiving touch are we interred alive, like a turtle with a hard shell that only other turtles can feel and know how to nurture. How may humans are now turtles but call themselves humans?

Humans are meant to touch everything that does not harm them, as by touching the sentient and created world, humans ensoul it with their life essence which is the essences derived from the cosmic space. By touching each thing, person, natural things here on earth, the hand crafted goods, every atom of matter is enlivened, elevated so that that matter can later be taken up for
higher realm purposes; it raises the tree to to the mountain and the mountain to the sky and the sky to the ocean of the nether worlds. Where upon the stars shower upon us the essential nature of the universe which is to shine in dark space so that the self alighting can see at any space or time in the galactic community we are beginning to find ourselves as part of.

Today there are millions of people preparing for the freedom of choice—to live on this planet or to choose a way to leave en masse. Most are not conscious hat this is what they are faced with. Those who are are either preparing to stay for the duration of the change, or are preparing to leave for a good while. Others will be travelers with space beings assistance between the earth and other locations not yet disclosed to humanity for their safe retreat.
It will occur in stages. First to the north than to the west, after that to the east and then to the south.

The dust storms are the beginning signs that the veil is thin and the earth body less protected than she should be. Pray today, pray everyday for her well being. It is not necessary to pray for your own well being as your bodies and the earth body are far more integral than imagined, in fact we do not see how humanity came to think of themselves as separate from the earth, when in fact they are made of the earth. She is more than a place to live, she is the
body that God loves as his cosmic mate; his queen of the universe. He will not let her suffer in her destiny of full embodiment of galactic freedom. Her destiny is to show the radiance of the creator’s mind where other wise, mind is not cherished having become so mechanized, others have lost the way of emanation to substance and must now rely on machines to do their expression of desire. An advanced robotized society will find the natural state of earth, something so glorious to recall, that they will be stunned back to self awareness,
something the mechanized civilizations have lost a keen awareness of.

Your earth is our hope, not just for humanity but for other space voyaging societies who will have long forgotten about free will, creative impulse, and the wonder of self actualization. Unique to the universe, earth and her inhabitants are one of the cosmos’s forums for growing planetary guardians.

5:55 am End of presentation