1/21/02 6:50 am – 7:15 am

Love. It is so poorly understood. Love is a power that is unique to creation. It is a formative force. There are still parts of the world where love is understood. In the west there is an effort to measure it. At least this is guiding humans to its essence. The essence itself is immeasurable, its out put however is discernible. It comes from the limitless source, thus it is without measure. But as it is expressed by humans in deeds, or even words and thoughts, it can be discerned, seen, witnessed.

Love is more than a vibration, as it holds within it all vibrations. Just as the Source is without limit, so too is love. While humans often mistake attraction for love, love is not based on any attracting or repelling laws. It is based on the law of expansion and contraction. It is a disposition of flow, not a quality of conjoining or separating. Affinities are not love. Love facilitates an expansion of awareness, a development of the soul. Affinities are something else entirely. They are not, like love, without condition.

Affinities may create moments where love is felt, or expressed, but the love occurs without affinity. Whereas attraction does not.

Love is also a simple state while also being highly specialized. At its source, it is coherent. In its expressions it is differentiated. Like coherent light and diffuse light. It starts from a narrow and certain point and radiates into the sphere of the manifest world, everywhere. In actuality there is no place on earth where there is not the environment of love.

How then to amplify it? The awareness of love is often bound up in external stations. Liking something, someone, a moment. Again these are affinities and not love. Love is a state of being, not a feeling. Love will create feelings, joy, wonder, appreciation but love itself is a consciousness of coherence. It creates an energy in action, an energy in a thought. Love is a vessel life is poured from. It like the sun, permeates earth’s atmosphere of consciousness. Love is the habitat of the soul. When humans become more observant, they will see love, not as light, but as the current in light. It is the current rushing to arrive from the one to the many. Love as a current has the ability to change matter. It holds intention to its body the way clothing stays on. As a fundamental current, inside of all creation, love can be increased or decreased, by the focus of will which draws the current to its purpose; and by desire which attracts its likeness to itself. Where will can apply the current, desire creates a receiving of it before distribution of it.

Love. Love is a state of expansion. It is the potential of creation expressed in the atomic. There is such a thing as atomic love. It would be the opposite of the atomic bomb. That’s why that development was so devastating to earth’s course. It isn’t to just the death it creates, but the destruction of the particle beams that saturate consciousness with love current. It isn’t just a physical destruction, it is contraction of the planetary heart. Like a planetary heart attack.

Love cannot be stored—it can only be dispersed. That is why experiments based on delayed action using qualities of love, will not explain how love heals, or changes matter. The only way to observe love in action is to measure the change in space of energy. Love will always increase its potential charge, it’s that, that does the transforming of the sick to health, the unwanted to the wanted, the polluted to the pure.

Love doen’t change states itself, but changes the states of that which it flows through. t is always the one expressing its many ways. Like the currents we see in water, love is the current that imbues all matter.

Without this ability to expand, to go beyond parameters of space, the manifest world would cease to exist. It would have no ability to expand only contract. Expansion is life moving towards matter. Contraction is matter being refolded into the vacuum. It is in the vacuum that potentia is gathered, in expansion that it is expressed and sustains the world. Once humans seize the current inside the particle, they will be able to lift the planet into another orbit. Love uplifts, elevates both physically and spiritually.

7:15 am