Hieronimusing – originally posted 5/25/01

Space is decidedly not empty, says Dr. William Tiller, Professor Emeritus of Stanford University and author of Science and Human Transformation: Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness. “In fact, he says, “ it has far more energy in it than the entire visible Solar system.” There are few scientists who can, with such great ease, explain why “we are spirits having a physical experience, and not bodies that behave like machines.” Tiller can show you how to calculate the amount of energy in the vacuum of space which his model demonstrates, is where a major portion of our life force originates from. The Tiller Model, like the ancient Cabalists, shows that we live in a 10 dimensional world. Our bodies, our minds, and our spirits (souls) each interpenetrating, while also inhabiting different spaces and states of frequency. But ultimately our mindful and heartful intentions, can integrate or disassemble matter, and do. We create the future, the moment, and the past.

Tiller describes subtle energies, a term he coined several decades ago, as sustaining and animating life, its force predicating physical existence. From describing how levitation may occur, to the polarity of our bodies and our own self healing abilities, one is constantly shown by his scientific reasoning and experiments, that we are as traditions world wide have asserted for millennium, multidimensional beings in a multidimensional world. Our thoughts, far from being simply things that have no impact beyond the accepted notion of communicating ideas and feelings internally, are energy units, expressed in waves and pulses. As such, they touch all life, even the immaterial domains of the universe. Describing how and why a few people, whose hearts are entrained, and whose efforts are well intentioned towards a common goal, can accomplish far more than group of 100 people who are in disharmony, is like listening to a sort of language symphony. One gets an immediate sense from talking with Bill Tiller, that the science of subtle energies and human transformation is actually on a solid foundation. The language to talk about our various dimensional faculties and vehicles, is taking shape. Talking with Tiller, as I recently did on Future Talk, is like walking a distance with a trail blazer, who moves very quickly and with familair ease, who can identify the environs one is in. In this case, it is a path to understanding who we are , what we are and how our true mortal and immortal natures operate.

Human Antennas

In environmental engineering, arrays of antennas are used for various upper atmospheric experiments and communication programs, sometimes for superheating the ionosphere or communicating across broad spans of space. “Humans,” Tiller explains, “are antennas, a vast array field of them.” It explains why we can communicate telepathically and exhibit telekinetic skills , why we can effect healing at distance, even turn genes on and off with our minds, as demonstrated by the late world renowned dowser, Terry Ross. “As each of us develops a greater ease inhabiting the realm of the subtler planes, we draw to ourselves, greater energy we can put to use” said Tiller, in the material world, in our bodies, for each other and the environment. The ancient meditative and spiritual arts are designed to strengthen our ability to do so.

Loving Intention

We can with deliberateness, entrain to one another, to other species and to nature. Hence, a people focused with loving intent, holding hands in a circle, might be able to raise the dead, animate the unanimated. Hasn’t this been demonstrated world wide, and through out our history, of the dead coming back to life, the infirm cured, the blind given sight? What is it that takes place in miracles, what is accessed and expressed that is profound enough to alter our organs of perception, the limb of a child, to create something out of nothing?

What we call nothing, is in fact the store house of cosmic energy that floods our environments. Some suggest it is the electrical volume of energy the stars themselves generate, that we use in healing. Others offer a more magnetic field description of healing power that even our own bodies exhibit. Tiller shows how they all collaborate in the physic of life.

Dr. Gilbert Lavoie’s research into the Shroud of Turin, in a book entitled Ressurrected: Tangible Evidence That Jesus Rose From The Dead
(www.shroudofjesus.com) suggests that the resurrection event is displayed as a second set of images on the shroud, in addition to the blood stained image. It shows evidence of a phenomena, that imprinted a negative image on a cloth, the inverse of the physical person, similar to that on the negative of a photograph. It might be, Lavoie suggests, the result of some low plasmic energy phenomena, a sudden great burst of light energy, similiarily described as a possible explanation of the energies involved in the formation of crop circles. Tiller explains how in the realm between the manifest and ever greater realm of the unmanifest, one finds a coupling of an image and its inverse, implying that the resurrection event may be an expression of little understood laws, dominating the subtle energies that give matter shape and density, and the light-energy that invigorates it. For every shape with density ,Tiller epxlains, there is a reflective frequency.

Mind Is Matter

“Mind,” states Tiller “begets, energy, begets matter.” His work points to humans as capacitors, our chakra or endocrine gland system as circuit vehicles for harmonization of our multidimensional aptitudes and spiritual organs. We are thus, god simulators, little universes of creation all interconnected.Our cells emit photons, coalesce as a light body, constantly change and adapt in a sea of energy that all life, each of us, every insect and animal, star and atom are part of, literally. But showing how our power to shape matter is altered exponentially by the degree to which we can draw, not from the material world, but from the immaterial vacuum of space, is one of Tiller’s wonderful contributions.

Qi Gong Masters, Tiller explains, emitt infrared radiation to 4 micron, and the healing magnetism of some healer’s hands, is the equivalent of a 20,000 gauss magnet. Our bodies are bio electric and magnetic but they are also subtle light bodies that are encoded by the power of thought and word and obviously, deeds. Masaru Emoto’s experiments in Japan, which have included Priests praying over polluted water in order to purify it, which they have done sucessfully, has demonstrated that thought is real energy and it impacts the material world. Where people gather with focused intention, and a feeling of love, transformation can and does occur. The effectiveness of loving prayer, as an example of what Dr. Larry Dossey first termed non-local mind, is an emanation that seems in no way weakened or effected by either distance of time or space. (www.dosseydossey.com)

We and Nature Are One

The relationship between human thought and activity, and the environment’s response around us, is greatly demonstrated in Saharasia. Dr. James DeMeo of the Orgone BioPhysical Research Laboratory(www.orgonelab.org) has clearly shown, that where societal oppression of women and children, and genital mutitlation has been practiced, that an aridification of the environment ensues. Desertification is as much about human brutality as it is about weather patterns. Basing his work on the late Wilhelm Reich’s observation of a subtle energy he termed Orgone energy, that when depleted leads to human chaos and illness as well as atmospheric stagnation, DeMeo has been involved in a greening project, sucessfully alleviating drought by restablishing orgone vitality in desert regions.

While many modern scientists have approached their studies, not through the intelligent heart, but only the intelligent mind, others like Tiller, DeMeo, Dossey, Lavoie have done both. As Tiller rightly points out, ”it’s easier to take a mystic and teach them scientific principals, than it is to take a scientist and engage them in mystic teachings.” Dr. William Tiller’s efforts to scientifically observe and study our spirit beings in our physical bodies, brings hope to those of us who may not know how to describe what we experience, but who recognize in work like his, a way to express our essential nature. Thank you Bill Tiller for giving scientists of the future a blazing trail to delight in. I for one am glad to have discovered, Tiller’s Trail.

(*With gratitude to Ingo Swann (www.biomindsuperpowers.com) for escorting me there. )

Zoh Hieronimus