Hieronimusing originally posted 5/31/01

When Edgar Cayce talked about the coming array of energy weapons, he saw not just their destructive influences in the modern era, that was as yet unmanifest, but the reality of its destructive influence on the prior continent of Atlantis.

Cayce predicted nearly four decades before such laser weapons were first detailed, that what we did with this technology would in fact play a very decisive role in the future of the earth. When Nikolai Tesla realized how to create a death ray, followed by his refusal to develop it for the US Military in the 1940’s, recent announcements about weapons that kill, disable or stupify, herald our perfecting of the death economy that so alarmed ’the sleeping prophet’ Cayce, and genius Tesla, each prominent in the 1940’s and 1950’s world.

When I first began talking publicly about energy weapons in 1972, ELF wave warfare, electromagnetic pulse weapons, I was considered not only too young, but unqualified to speak to the issue, being only eighteen without any degrees other than a high school diploma. But what was obvious then, as it is today, is that scientists were utilizing natural forces, not to preserve life but to attempt to dominate nature and people.

As Cayce and others have suggested, in Atlantis they had learned to harness the power of the sun through crystals, for concentrating great beams of particle energy. According to some of the 14,000 readings Cayce delivered, the ‘particle beam weapon’ was used to destory the gargantuan dinosaurs ravaging the earth. But once accomplished, the atlantean society realized that they could just as easily destroy societies and he states, that it eventually led to the first atomic explosions and a three stage destruction of a massive continent, which Plato was the first to recount.

Recently, potential remnants of this prior continent have shown themselves in Bimini, off the coast of California, Florida and elsewhere near Japan, giving credibility to yet another of Cayce’s predictions, like his early forecasts of radio and TV, that we are being reminded, that human beings can tip the scale in civilization from sustaining to destroying life. So, when Aviation weekly on May 7, 2001 published an article entitled Pentagon Reveals ‘Pain Ray’ Directed Energy Weapon, it was another of what my radio audience got used to saying about my predictive air work, Zoh was right, in this case by over thirty years.

Current technologies can ultimately lead to the destruction of most of the world as we now know it, from atomic weapons to weather engineering, to the evolving energy weapons. While a person is encouraged to believe that these energy weapons do no irreperable harm, even a modest amount of common sense makes such a claim, not only nonsensical, but obscene. Every photon of energy in our bodies is impacted by the subtlest of bioenergetic forces. A ray capable of burning through the skin if applied long enough, a ray that causes over-arching and overwhelming pain in a biosystem, a ray that can blind, that burns through clothing, cannot be without lasting effect. The immune system is a bioelectric, biomagnetic and biochemcial process, and it armors the body for every assault. Penetrating the very outer skin, the largest absorption organ of the body, and delivering disintegrative energies to it, can hardly be thought of as a mere crowd control tool. The pentagon calls this latest weapon a non-lethal, millimeter-wave, anti-personal ray. When the exact same wave bands are aimed at computer systems they create a ‘meltdown’. Claiming that these energy weapons would cause no permanent damage to human beings or other biological targets because the ray only penetrates 1/64 in of the skin, is disingenuous.

One could expect to see in populations assaulted by such ‘non-lethal’ weapons, later developments of chronic if not acute illness, physical as well as mental. According to reports, the millimeter-wave (MOW) energy projector would “be used for controlling crowds with bursts of instantly painful rays. A likely tactical scenario would be to swivel rays of short burst, 95 GHZ energy, like a fire hose across a group of people to inflict sharp stings on the skin, even through clothing,” reported David A. Fulghum. It would make protesting in street actions, a more dangerous enterprise indeed. The Marine Corps are already hoping to mount such a weapon, effective at 1/2 mile on their humvees. The developers have trotted out propaganda similar to that used in Eisenhower’s Atom’s for Peace. In this case, reporting that human’s natural inclination, “the repel effect” would be “to escape the pain by running away or closing the eyes.” In less sophisticated applications of the same mentality, villagers and soldiers exposed to agent orange were supposed to take cover too. The winds were not so permissive and now three decades later, cancer is dominant in these target populations.

The decade-long, $40 million Pentagon/Raytheon program, which produced the directed-energy ray, reveals that at the point of exposure, the ray causes “moisture in the outer layer of the skin to heat to a temporature high enough, that it stings the surrounding tissue like drops of scalding water.” Such a weapon, reported David Fulghum “would be useful in urban conflicts”, explaining that the military also recognzies its value “ because they can scramble computer memory and otherwise disable computers that control key battlefield command and communications capabilities. “

The Air Force, like the Marines sees a benefit to these new invisible weapons. They “want to put the directed energy weapons on unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to burn up the electronics of key devices, including vehicle ignition systems, as part of a combination computer and information warfare campaign.”

Taking this to its logical economic and devlopmental next step, star wars announces its presence on earth, but as has been stated, it will advance to space. We humans on earth are going to be the early test population.

Humanity’s tragic fall, like that of Atlantis, may be the result of men and women who do not value life on earth but rather the life of their pay check, prestige or power. I have always wondered if the designers of killing machines would consider using their own family members as the test population in order to advance their own careers? I’d bet that 99.9% of those questioned would refuse, and if required, they’d find another line of work. So why is it so easy for them to subject other poeple’s children to their sometimes barbaric creations?