Dr. Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus, D.H.L, has been writing her book about the White Spirit Animals for two years (working title: White Spirit Animals: Prophets of the Wild, to be released in 2017 by Bear & Co.), discovering as Shamans do, that dreams are a bridge between all species and make it possible for everyone to talk with animals. “What I have learned is that animals know their own pre-Ice Age history and share it willingly with humans who listen. All of the White spirit animals are apex guardians of entire ecosystems. We must do everything we can to protect the Lion, Bear, Wolf, Bison, Elephant and Whale as each presides over Earth’s major ecosystems, which, without them, will collapse more rapidly.”

All of the White Spirit animals and their species have come to tell humanity “Save as many of us as you can.” Zohara’s book covers indigenous people’s prophecies about these times and why the White Spirit animals are coming to us now with vital messages. “The Primary message they bring us is that the earth needs CPR: Conservation, Preservation, and Restoration”, a message Wolf brought to Dr. Z in one of her recent dreams. In her new book Dr. Zohara teaches how to use dreams to retrieve information about any subject and how to listen and talk with the animals.

Zohara’s Author page at Inner Traditions