It was late but not for eternity
to scratch its name across their bodies.
Not too late for wet dew of love
gently misting perfumes
and body caldorns leaving scars
to find them – to tattoe them
with imagery of
where the seas return to the caves
where deep wtaers and hallowed chambers sing
where men are drowned and women become mermaid
swimming, dancing handmaiden
kissing and being kissed until he is swallowed
and she resurrected

Floating in rythme
across the boundaryless scape
sunglight enshrouding their flesh
wet veils of pearl and venus’s lace
undulating in terrestial tempo
not once yelling to surrender
but begging for mercy and then begging for more

Somewhere betwene twilight and day break
somewhere between ocean and imagined end
a sharp edge between water and sky
a quiet line
eternity’s caress for their climax
celestial bedding for their love making
eternity’s catch

A simple epoch of lover’s bold adoration
an ecstatic annihilation –
two golden figures riding out to sea
ebbing out of reach of one another
not in desperation tor diminshment
but in revrance for their bliss