Sept. 2018 ZMH

Words. Letters of universal power, in Hebrew that is–the building blocks of creation, the Aleph Beit. But English, a bit dead, a bit contrived, ruined by too much use in situations without meaning, worse yet, where words are used as tools of deception. Then words smother the soul, ruin us like rotted fruit, and we contaminate what we describe.

Adam knew the purpose of every animal and so named them accordingly. Adam knew the purpose and function of all created entities and so named them. It was not about popular sounding names or socially acceptable terms. It was raw, it was roots, and it was of the earth. It was truth.

Now what we call tree is not native to our heart. What we term stream is not cherished as breath to all. But then, then in the wonder of creation cycles, Adam, the man of the earth, the red man, the man and woman of water knew, they knew the garden was holy.

How did we forget or never know, or fail to feel our origins in our heart beat – who like the earth’s resonance, keeps tone with galactic stories that like meteors, streak thru the consciousness of the cosmos. A life well lived streaking across the night sky, or a life lost in suffering– a meteor shower. Who is to know which of us becomes a star before coming back as humans once again? In what constellation do we stand, sentinels of heroic pasts? What planets do we race by as though a tourist on train of galactic proportion? Who is to say which of us yet might tend to the earth’s axis, or the pole star moving from Bear to Shepherd and his dog. Who is to say as the precession of the equinox follows its 27,000 years of rotation, that we are not the music those passings make, that our first cries are not staccato for the symphony God conducts, that our existence is a fact of creation requiring no theories simply cherishing?