Dear Friends,
This is the final week to sign the petition to stop the Navy from their worldwide killing of whales and dolphins with their underwater sonar sound program. Unless we all act they will carry out their plan to harm our ocean friends over 31 million times over the next 5 years! We are attending the California Coastal Commission hearing next week and your signature can help there also, as California is considering restricting the Navy’s plans! Sign the petition and share it widely:

There are alternatives to the Sonar and other noise pollution

We now have satellites that provide coverage of the entire world, and can pinpoint small items within distances of two to three feet…. even in the vast stretches of the Pacific Ocean. These non-sonar technologies can detect enemy subs, fault lines under the ocean, etc.. There are “moneyed” interests keeping us tied to old technologies (sonar technology is over 20 years old) when newer, harmless methods can accomplish the same ends. If pressure is applied to abandon the old, new technologies will be able to come forward (there is money to be made from the new technologies as well) and we can relax knowing our ocean friends are being cared for in a humane and responsible way.